With a busy schedule and a hectic life, we all could use a little help from time to time, right? With the population and traffic both increasing here in Franklin, a bustling city in its own right just outside Nashville, TN, it takes a lot of time to get my to my favorite Franklin dry cleaners. Jimmy’s Franklin Dry Cleaners help to negate these time hurdles by putting us, the customers, first.

By offering free dry cleaning pickup and delivery services, Jimmy’s Cleaners located at 188 Front Street and 1403 Lewisburg Pike here in Franklin, fills the need for pickup and delivery of your Franklin dry cleaning. Whether you’re a business looking to have uniforms, linens, or bedding cleaned or a business person with regular dry cleaning needs, we’re here to serve you with our free dry cleaning pickup and delivery services.

What sounds simple sometimes make the most sense! That’s why Jimmy’s doesn’t charge you a huge pickup or delivery fee on both ends, like the other guys do. We understand the need and are here to fill that need with our best Franklin Dry Cleaning services available direct to you without having to leave your home or business.  Here’s a thought: If you actually wrote down the amount of time you spend traveling each month to drop off and pickup your dry cleaning, how much would you save in precious time to spend on yourself or you family?

Luckily, getting this service is easy! All you have to do is give a shout out to our teams and let us know that you need to schedule a pickup either at home or at the office and we will dispatch a driver out to your location and have it delivered directly to our Franklin Dry Cleaners facility for cleaning.

Our Franklin customers can take advantage of all our services from Alterations to wedding gown preservation and everything in between. Feel comfortable knowing that our highly professional drivers and other team members are working their hardest on some of the highest technology cleaning equipment to assure that your items are returned to you in perfect shape!

Jimmy’s Cleaners was chosen by our local community in the Franklin Sizzle Awards in 2016 as “BEST CLEANERS.” We appreciate all the outreach and support by our local customers for nominating and voting us into that honorable spot and we plan to stay there!

So, the next time you need to make that trip to one of our Franklin Dry Cleaners locations, think about giving us a call first and find out about our pickup and delivery services! We look forward to serving you again soon!