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Why Our Affordable Dry Cleaning is the Ideal Option for You

To most of us, doing laundry just is a never-ending task.  We wear a different change of clothes every day, which means we have to wash them, dry them, fold them and put them away often.  Most people don’t realize that by repeating this cycle over and over again, you are actually damaging all your favorite clothes.   With that said the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations wanted to share some important insight with all our valued clients.


Let’s be honest.  In today’s hectic world, there are just not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything we set out to do and that surely includes doing the laundry.  We all find ourselves faced with limited time each and every day and laundry tends to come in at the bottom of the task list over and over again.  With that said, trusting in our state of the art, convenient and affordable dry-cleaning services is an ideal option for you.  If, however, the obvious convenience factor is not enough to convince you that dry cleaning is more of a necessity than a luxury, then perhaps these other factors will.


A Whole Lot of Tender Loving Care – Dry cleaning is incredibly powerful on those stubborn stains while remarkably gentler than your washing machine cycles.  Professional dry cleaners, like our facility here at Jimmy’s Cleaners, know everything there is to know about your garments.  From various fabrics to trendy fashions, the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners knows exactly how to care for your every garment and how to keep them looking like new.

We Do It All – Anything in your home larger than a twin sized quilt can easily tear or be damaged when you attempt to wash them in your home washing machine.  They may also be way too bulky for your washing machine to actually be able to clean them through and through.  Whether curtains, drapes, pillow shams, or comforters, to name a few, our professional dry-cleaning services handle it all and keep everything looking like new.

Alterations – Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations, we have an on-site tailor who is on hand to take care of your every alteration.  Whether shortening your favorite slacks, repairing that rip in your high school jeans, fixing a zipper or adding a button, our tailors handle it all.

One Stop Laundry – As we mentioned earlier you have to wash your clothes, dry them, fold them, iron them and put them away.  Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners we take care of it all right to the finish line.  We will deliver your favorite outfits looking wrinkle free and crisp and certainly save you a whole lot of time and effort.  Imagine all the other tasks you can accomplish if you take laundry off of your hefty to do list and leave your clothing to us.

Extended Lifespan of Your Garments – As most people know, garments and fabrics that are dry cleaned last a whole lot longer.  So whether it’s your favorite dress, button down shirt, or your favorite jeans you wear often, rest assured you can not only look good all the time, but feel good about the good investment you are making when you put the health and look of your garments into our trusted hands and protect your clothes the best way you can – with dry cleaning.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we take tremendous pride in our quality dry cleaning procedures, our professional staff, our affordable prices and our convenient pick up and drop off services as well.  If you haven’t enough hours in the day and are looking for the perfect way to keep all your clothes, not just your favorite ones, looking like new then trust in our affordable dry-cleaning services here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations.  You’ll be more than glad you did!

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