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Tips to Properly Sort Laundry

Sort Laundry

Do all your whites tend to look dingy when they come out of the washing machine? Does your favorite shirt come out of the wash with a whole new shade of color? If you answered yes to these questions, then the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations have some useful tips to offer on how to properly sort laundry to avoid encountering these common problems


To save your laundry from all kinds of washing machine problems, start by sorting your laundry first, before washing. Sorting should include separate baskets for whites and pastels, light colors and finally for dark colors.

  • Your first batch of clothes should include all the whites and those of pastel colors such as yellow, tan and pink. A surefire way of keeping all your whites and pastels looking bright and near to new is to ensure that they are never exposed to dyes that are typically released when clothes of darker colors are washed. Before washing, be sure to pretreat any stains, underarm or otherwise, then follow with a wash in hot water.
  • Your colored pieces of clothing should typically be colorfast to allow for the maintenance of their original color without any running or fading. The team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners highly recommends you run a new article of clothing such as jeans, through a wash cycle a couple of times to ensure that they are safely colorfast. To test and see if a clothing item is actually colorfast, you can simply spray a bit of water on the item and take a paper towel and blot the garment. If the paper towel has any color on it, then the item is still leaking color and could easily damage other items in your wardrobe. Once an item is colorfast, you can then put it in the load of laundry that has vibrant colors and not worry about items becoming faded or color dyed. To keep all your bright colored clothes looking like new, be sure to turn them inside out when washing and always wash them on very short washing cycles.
  • Dark colored clothes typically include garments that are black, brown, grey, navy, and dark red. Be sure to wash these dark colored garments in cold water and use short wash cycles which help to preserve and maintain their dark rich colors. If you prefer to dry dark colors in the dryer rather than to hang them, be sure to use a low temperature setting.
  • As an additional note, whenever you are washing fragile items of clothing, always use the gentlest wash cycle and most definitely cold water. Always, always, always avoid hot water with delicates.


Having to follow these special steps when doing your laundry at home, can definitely be a bit of a challenge and certainly time-consuming. If you find you haven’t enough hours in the day to set aside appropriate time to properly sort laundry before washing, then perhaps it’s time you put your trust into the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners. Our dedicated specialists are on hand to take care of your every laundry need and takes pride in providing you with only the highest quality laundry services this side of Tennessee.

Our specialists have all the knowledge and expertise needed to handle all your dry cleaning, laundering and alteration needs. With the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations, you never have to give up your own quality time to sort laundry and then both wash and dry your garments. Rather, you can simply drop off your laundry at our trusted facility or even take advantage of our convenient drop off and pick up services if need be. To learn more about our facility and our affordable yet top of the line laundry services, reach out to one of our team members today!

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