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Spring Dry Cleaning Your Drapes and Curtains

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Well, spring is right around the corner and most homeowners will be delving into their spring cleaning. Nearly everybody looks forward to the onset of spring and its warm, comfortable temperatures but don’t give much favor to the seasonal cleaning that goes along with it. With that said, the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to remind our clients about the important role we can play in your spring cleaning. We offer a variety of services including our top of the line services for dry cleaning drapes and curtains.

The list of spring-cleaning tasks can be endless, including stripping floors, weeding out clutter, cleaning up backyard debris and, of course, cleaning all the windows, curtains and drapes. That’s where the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners comes in. Our dry-cleaning specialists are on hand to alleviate some of that spring-cleaning stress and worry for you.


Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we provide only the highest quality dry cleaning and tailoring services to all our Nashville clients. We are on hand to accommodate any and all the cleaning or mending needs you may have. Your curtains and drapes can get quite dirty throughout the long months with moisture seeping into your home and dust and dirt that finds its way into your living space. Family pets can easily contribute to the poor state of your window treatments, especially when loose fur and pet hair becomes trapped on your curtains or drapes.

When you start putting your spring-cleaning tasks in order, be sure to look to the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners to handle the dry cleaning of your window treatments. Our specialized services help to enhance the overall appearance and lifespan of your fabrics. In addition, dry cleaning helps to enhance the air quality in your home as well since dirty drapes and curtains tend to be consumed with a variety of allergens and other pollutants. When you choose to professionally clean your window treatments you alleviate these pollutants and enhance the health and safety of your family members.


Spring Dry Cleaning Your Drapes and Curtains

Spring Dry Cleaning Your Drapes and Curtains

We all love the onset of the warm weather seasons and surely having attractive, clean and safe window treatments can add to the comfort in your home. Clean drapes and curtains add to the existing décor of your home and to its appeal as well. Our specialized services include fresh cleaning, tailoring, stan treatments and ironing as needed. The materials and colors of your window treatments are sure to look shiny, fresh and new all over again when you put your trust into the hands of our specialists.

Yes, spring cleaning can be incredibly frustrating, time-consuming and boring as can be. But when you reach out to the dedicated team of professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners rest assured, we will only help to make your spring-cleaning a wee bit easier. We know there are a number of other things you would rather be doing, so let us help.

Take time out to bring all your window treatments down to our facility and take advantage of our state-of-the-art services for dry cleaning drapes and curtains and our very affordable prices. We are sure to help make your home look and feel fresh and clean when those spring flowers start blooming. There’s lots of warm weather on the way and surely a whole lot of fun and exciting things you want to do. So, don’t delay. Use our convenient drop off and pick up services today and let our dedicated team of dry-cleaning specialists help get your spring off to the right start!

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