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Spring Cleaning Your Winter Outerwear and Garments

spring cleaning

Certainly, spring is in the air and after a long, drawn out fall and winter season it is ever so welcomed. Spring is definitely the ideal time of year for spring cleaning, removing all that clutter from your home, grooming your landscape and property, and dry cleaning and stowing away your winter gear and garments. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations our team of friendly professionals is on hand to help our valued clients with their spring tidy up tasks.

The seasonal cleaning is not only about being tidy; however, it is all about safety as well. Ensuring that your smoke alarm has fresh batteries, your carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher are fully functional, clutter is removed to avoid fires and all those winter garments are cleaned and stowed away to minimize clutter and fire hazards as well. It is also a time to check your home emergency plan and have a safety inspection performed of your electrical outlets, your HVAC system, your plumbing system and any other critical home systems and elements.


Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we take pride in our top of the line dry cleaning and alteration services. Our team of dedicated technicians is available to help with your spring cleaning by cleaning and altering all your winter garments before you stow them away. Our team of specialists will not only remove dirt and grime, but treat stains and even press those items that need ironing so that you can store them away clean until next winter. Winter items such as mittens, sweaters, scarves, wool coats and parkas should all be cleaned and prepared for storage.

It is important not to store away winter garments that have not been properly cleaned. Removing dirt, mud, stains and winter grime is essential to the lifespan of your clothes and is something our team can handle. We will give all your winter attire, both outerwear and everyday wear, all the proper care they need so that when winter rolls around again, your attire will be prepped and ready for another cold weather season. Your winter attire next season will look like new and be fresh and ready to be worn.


We offer all our clients convenient drop off and pick up services here at Jimmy’s Cleaners. Simply contact our team and schedule a pickup at your home of all your winter garments and we will properly clean and care for them and deliver them back to you. We understand full well how hectic life can be and take pride in providing this specialized service for all our valued clients.

Be sure to also check out our weekly specials and take advantage of those as well. Our team of professionals is committed to providing only the highest quality dry cleaning and alteration services this side of Franklin. We are on hand to perform any dry cleaning, tailoring and alteration needs and are quick to address any fabric or material concerns you may have.


To schedule your drop off and pick up services, be sure to reach out to the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations today. Spring is a magnificent time of year and our team of specialists want to help make your spring cleaning as quick and easy as possible. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best all round dry cleaning, tailoring, alteration and stain removing services this side of Tennessee!

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