Spring Clean your Drapes and Rugs With Professional Dry Cleaning Services

Brentwood Dry Cleaning

How exciting, Spring is almost here! People are always so happy when the warmer temperatures and the more comfortable weather arrives after battling the long winter months. Surely we all know that with the warm spring weather we all have to take on the task of performing much needed spring cleaning. Spring cleaning typically means dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing windows and floors, and yes, cleaning all those dirty rugs and your drapes that have survived the long dirty winter days and nights.

Surely your indoor rugs endure a whole lot of wear and tear, and more so during the winter months. No matter how hard you try, it seems in the winter months mud, dirt, and all kinds of grime still find their way onto your indoor rugs. For this very reason, when winter is over and spring makes its appearance, it’s an ideal time to have all your rugs cleaned. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we are equipped to dry clean and even repair all your indoor rugs. With our special pick up and drop off service, we can come out to your home and pick up those hard to carry rugs, professionally clean them and then deliver them right back to your home. We are all about providing top of the line services to all our clients and surely helping to make your spring cleaning easier is at the top of our list of services.

Further, we understand that the cold winter temperatures have everybody hibernating in their homes without a whole lot of fresh air coming in. When spring time arrives and you can finally open those windows you are sure to notice the excessive dirt and grime that accumulated on your drapes during those long cold winter months. Ultimately the accumulated dirt leaves your expensive drapes looking quite dirty and dingy. That’s where the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations come in. We provide top of the line, affordable dry cleaning services for all kinds of materials and items.

Those heavy drapes require some pretty heavy cleaning, which should be left to our professional technicians. Since drapes typically have linings that are not washable in a household washing machine, we strong advise you not to attempt to wash your drapes at home. If you do, you are apt to find that they will either shrink or fray and many times the material will become puckered and the colors will fade. In order to protect the color, shape, style and life expectancy of your beautiful drapes, be certain to have them professionally dry cleaned at our very reputable facility.

Dry cleaning services present with many benefits. Professional dry cleaning will always maintain the integrity of your rugs and drapes, will successfully remove all the dirt and grime that produce allergens, will most assuredly brighten up your living space and will allow you and your family to enjoy a clean and beautiful home when spring finally arrives.

Surely you don’t want to damage your expensive, beautiful drapes or rugs by attempting to clean and care for them at home, which is why we recommend you take advantage of our friendly pick up and drop off dry cleaning services during the upcoming spring season. Spring cleaning tasks are many, and for most people cleaning your drapes, curtains and rugs are on that lengthy checklist. Surely the folks here at Jimmy’ s Cleaners and Alterations can help reduce your spring cleaning tasks by providing you with our specialized dry cleaning services for all your rugs and drapes. Contact us today and be certain to take advantage of our special discount offers. We look forward to serving you and don’t forget we can save you a trip to the cleaners with our easy to schedule pick up and drop off service today.