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Special Summer Clothing Tips to Practice This Summer

Well, summer has certainly arrived, which means lots of trips to the ocean and beach, lots of summer cookouts and parties, wining and dining and endless summer activities to share.  With that said, the friendly professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations have a few practical summer clothing tips for everyone to practice this summer.

Summer Clothing Tips: Damaging Sun Tanning Products

We all love going to the beach whether to enjoy ocean activities or enhance our bronze summer tan.  Everybody loves a tan and though the sun and beach help everyone of us to acquire that perfect summer tan, tanning lotions, creams, oils and bronzers contribute greatly to that sexy summer tan and glow.  The team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners want our valued clients to be aware that though bronzers and tanning products can help you achieve your summer tan, if you do not allow them to dry thoroughly before putting on your bathing suit or other garments, then you are sure to run into a few costly problems.  These tanning products can cause oily stains on your garments and contribute greatly to discoloration as well.  If, however, after applying your favorite tanning product, you allow adequate time for it to dry thoroughly before donning that attractive bathing suit or any one of those stylish summer garments, your worries are none.

Summer Clothing Tips: Unpleasant, Unattractive Sweat Stains

With summer comes the scorching temperatures that ultimately cause most people to suffer the effects of sweating.  People often think that if they wear white or very light-colored garments in the summertime they have no need to worry about perspiration stains.  This could not be farther from the truth.  If while wearing a white garment, you perspire but there is no visible evidence of your perspiration, you should know that over time the once clear spots on your summer garments will begin to yellow and cause permanent stains if you do not take appropriate steps to clean them in a timely fashion.  Clear stains on garments oxidize over time and become darker and darker as time goes on.  Whether or not your perspiration stains on your white or very light-colored summer garments are visible after a wearing or two, be sure to have your garments dry cleaned as soon after wearing them as is possible if you have perspired while flaunting your sassy summer attire.  Doing so, will certainly extend the lifespan of some of your favorite pieces that make up your stylish summer wardrobe.

Summer Clothing Tips: Harsh Ocean Salt Water

For those who travel to summer destinations that include a magnificent ocean filled with salt water, it is important once your ocean fun is over, to rinse out your bathing suit or other garments thoroughly in fresh water to remove all traces of the salt.  Salt can cause serious damage to clothing fibers if the clothing is not properly rinsed and cleaned.  Ocean water can easily destroy your favorite summer bikini so be sure to rinse out your swimwear and other garments with fresh water and then hang them out to dry.

We all love the summer months and we certainly give favor to our chic summer swimwear and other specialized garments which is why the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations wanted to share these helpful summer clothing tips with all our valued clients.  Be sure to bring all your summer wear down to our trusted facility and take advantage of our many weekly specials as well.  We look forward to serving you and to keeping all your sassy summer attire in tip top shape all summer long and then some!

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