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Some Practical and Important Facts to Know About Dry Cleaning

At Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations our team of highly experienced dry-cleaning specialists is committed to providing all our valued clients with the highest quality cleaning and alteration services this side of Franklin.  Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners, you are our number one priority and our team looks forward to our every opportunity to serve you.  Whether your clothes need cleaning or alterations, we are definitely the team for you.

Our quality of work and service far exceeds that of our competitors. We take pride in not only our procedures and services, but in our affordable prices, our accommodating timelines and our weekly discounts and offerings.  With all that said, the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners believes that all our valued clients should be aware of practical and important facts about their clothing and garment care.  We believe it is important for everyone to understand the benefits of dry cleaning and have full understanding of the true facts and not the guesswork or false indications that are out in the community daily.  Here are some very important facts we want to share with all of you.

  1. Best Dry CleaningMuch to your surprise clothing care labels are not always correct – Manufacturers are required to provide reasonable care instructions on their products, but are not required by the Federal Trade Commission’s Care Label Rules to perform adequate testing before providing clothing and garment care labels.  With that said, many manufacturers do not perform testing on garments prior to attaching their care labels.
  2. Some stains are impossible to remove – To effectively remove a stain is entirely dependent upon the nature of the stain, what type of fabric the garment is, and how colorfast the dye is. The professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations are trained and skilled to identify various stains and fabrics and in taking the most effective approach to removing the stains.  However, it is a fact that some stains such as dried paints and inks that have set for a long period of time can be nearly impossible to remove.
  3. Contrary to rumors, clothes that are dry cleaned do not wear out faster than other clothes – In all the years of dry cleaning performance and research, there has never been any evidence that specialized processes used for dry cleaning clothes wears out the fabrics or reduces lifespan of any garments. On the flip side of that, there is evidence that if a garment should be professionally dry cleaned on a regular basis and you fail to adhere to those instructions, then the lifespan of the garment can indeed be minimized.
  4. All types of garments, including shirts, can most assuredly shrink – If fabrics and materials are not adequately preshrunk or even if a portion of a garment has not been efficiently stabilized during the manufacturing process, the fact is that they can indeed shrink despite the claims often made that a particular fabric or material can never shrink.

We hope that these important facts help you to better understand dry cleaning and the composition of fabrics as well as the impact that certain types of stains can have on your garments.  There are many untruths out there when it comes to dry cleaning processes and the effects they can have on your garments.  For these reasons, the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations thought these important truths and facts would be helpful to all our valued clients.

If you are in need of high quality dry cleaning services or alterations, then surely you have come to the right place.  Come on down to our facility and take advantage of our many services including our drop off and pick up services and our weekly specials.  We look forward to serving you and send along our wishes for a safe and happy summer season!

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