Proper Care of All Your Rayon Garments

rayon garments

Rayon is a delicate fabric that is made from wood pulp fibers that are treated with specialized chemicals. It is a rather popular fabric which has found favor with many people for not just clothing, but for a variety of home additions and accessories. This delicate fabric is manufactured from all-natural elements, but endures a great deal of processing. It is considered semi-synthetic which allows for rayon garments to drape easily and smoothly and is extremely soft to the touch.

The fabric is incredibly lightweight and possesses a high level of breathability which makes it very easy to absorb moisture and dyes. However, there are some rayon garments that will shrink and become distorted rather than soft and smooth when they become wet, which is why it is so important to take proper steps in cleaning and caring for your favorite rayon pieces. When properly cared for, rayon has a very long lifespan which makes it very appealing to many people in addition to the fact that it is very affordable as well.


Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we take a great deal of pride in providing only the highest quality dry cleaning services to all our valued clients. We understand full well, how difficult it can be at times to provide proper care to rayon fabrics since some can actually be machine washed, while other pieces are not as sturdy and require specialized care and cleaning. That’s where our expert team of dry-cleaning specialists comes in. We encourage all our clients to give close attention to the care labels on their rayon garments in their efforts to ensure proper cleaning and care of the fabrics.

In today’s world, rayon fabrics are often treated and coated with a specialized finish that allows for machine washing. However, this finish and the advanced manufacturing process involved, can be quite costly, which is why most people opt to have their rayon pieces dry-cleaned as a first choice. Many, if not most, rayon fabrics if put through a machine washing will shrink, lose their smoothness, experience color fading and have minimized comfort. With that said, be attentive to your care labels and follow the instructions accordingly to help maintain the health and integrity of all your rayon garments.


Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners we want to be sure that our valued customers know that when rayon is put through a machine washing, the tendency is for the fabrics to wrinkle excessively, and ultimately require ironing. If you find yourself in this predicament, be sure that you utilize an iron that has a medium heat setting and iron the garments on the opposite side of the delicate fabric. This will help to avoid yellowing of the fabric or burning of the fabric surface. If rayon is scorched or burned there are no means of repairing the garment. So be sure to take appropriate steps when providing care to your favorite rayon pieces at home.

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