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Proper Care for Winter Fabrics and Garments

Winter in Middle Tennessee ranges from bitterly cold temperatures to more average temps in the 40s and 50s. On those extremely freezing days though, there’s nothing like wrapping up in warm winter fabrics like wool, down, fur and cashmere. These natural winter fabrics bring comfort to many people throughout the world, but when it comes time to clean them properly, some people are left perplexed. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations, we want to share with you our guide to the proper care of winter garments, jackets, fabrics and other natural materials.


Wool is a durable, long-lasting material that will last basically forever with proper care. Its high quality, natural components keep us extremely warm during chilly weather. Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations help explain our best procedures for maintaining your woolen attire to last a lifetime. The best way we preserve and freshen wool fabric is through the process of dry cleaning. Our dry cleaning experts ensure that not only the fabric is perfectly maintained, but also the shape and size of your wool garment. When you bring your woolen articles to us, you can expect to get the exact fit and shape when you pick it up.

With wool items, it is important to note that you do not need to have it cleaned after every wearing. If you haven’t spilled or soiled the article, there are other methods you can perform to assure it’s always looking its best. Steaming with a handheld steamer will help freshen wool, eliminate any bacteria, and release wrinkles. Blotting any noticeable stains with a slightly dampened towel is a good way to take care of any small areas. Make sure to use cool water, and only slightly damp as wool tends to react negatively with large amounts of water. Blot any stain, do not rub as this can damage the fabric. When hanging items such as wool jackets, always use sturdy, broad-shouldered hangers to avoid any stretching or mis-forming of the material. Folding sweaters, shirts or blankets is recommended with woolen articles.

Down-filled Blankets and Jackets

When temperatures dip below freezing, nothing beats a down-filled winter coat for its efficient insulating properties. When you head out into the winter weather in one of these warm jackets, you’ll be toasty no matter the temps! Inside the home, a down-filled blanket or pillow serve as extremely comfortable options as well. A down blanket on a cold winter night is sure to keep your warm for a peaceful night’s sleep. Down-filled products absolutely must be cleaned by a professional. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations, we will make sure to take perfect care of your favorite down jackets, blankets and pillows. You can also contact us to schedule pickups and deliveries!

What is down? Down is comprised of feathers, specifically the soft under feathers of geese and ducks. The loftiness (fluffiness) of these specific feathers, creates thousands of small pockets of air that trap heat. Because it is a natural material, proper care is of utmost important. A good down jacket or blanket properly cared for, can last for many years with good insulating properties. When down gets wet, it loses its insulating properties, so be sure and keep it dry if it doesn’t have a waterproof outer layer!

Proper Care for Fur

Furs may be some of your favorite articles of clothing. Making sure your furs stay in tip-top condition is of utmost importance. Not only is fur a warm addition to anyone’s wardrobe, but it’s also a very expensive option. It’s important to never wash your furs in a standard washer an dryer. It will completely ruin them. Instead, it is recommended that at the start of the winter season, have them professionally cleaned at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations. When not in season, it is important to make sure and store them correctly. Breathable garment bags are recommended for proper storage of fur articles. Proper care and maintenance of fur articles will keep them looking fabulous for many years to come!

Cashmere Care

A luxuriously soft fabric, cashmere may be the fabric choice of your favorite sweater or blanket. Cashmere sweaters and throw blankets makes cold winter days a little more tolerable!  Cashmere is a delicate fabric and requires only very gentle care when cleaning to maintain its perfect condition. Never attempt to put a cashmere article in the washing machine or dryer as this will certainly ruin it with excessive shrinkage. A hand wash in light detergent with cool water or professional cleaning is recommended for cashmere. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we have the years of experience and knowledge to properly care for this very delicate fabric!

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