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Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Fleece Garments

We all know how warm and comfy fleece can be.  Fleece is a common garment fabric that many individuals give favor to in the cold weather months and a fabric that is entirely water-resistant as well.   The natural fleece fabric is made from wool bearing animals such as sheep, where synthetic fleece is made from other fabrics such as polyester.  Being that fleece garments are quite popular and functional and many people wear this comfortable fabric often, the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations thought we would share with our valued clients some simple care and maintenance tips for all your special fleece garments.

We are often asked how individuals should clean and care for their fleece items to keep them looking like new.  With that said, here is some insight to help.


Fleece is quite durable and generally very safe to wash in your home washing machine.  With that said, here are some simple steps you should adhere to when cleaning your fleece items at home.  For starters, spot treat any noticeable stains you may have on your fleece items with a special stain removing substance.  Secondly, always turn your fleece garments inside out and wash them with cold water on a gentle wash cycle.  Finally, if you elect to dry your garments, set your home dryer to the very lowest setting available and be sure to remove your garment immediately once the dry cycle has finished.  It is also a common practice to hand wash your fleece items in cold water with a very mild detergent as well.


Although, as we said, fleece is quite durable and extremely easy to give care to, the experts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners have a couple of thoughts for you to keep in mind when you set out to clean your fleece to avoid damaging your comfy garments.

To being with fabric softeners and fleece should never be combined together.  When you are washing your fleece garments avoid using fabric softeners of any type and avoid using bleach as well so as to ensure the lifespan of your garments.  In addition, fleece is quite susceptible to that all-annoying pilling especially when exposed to heat.  With that said, you should never iron your fleece items or expose them to a hot clothes dryer or the hot water wash cycle on your washing machine.  At all costs, avoid extreme heat.


If, however, you would prefer to take the challenge of caring for and cleaning your favored fleece garments away from yourself and would rather have a professional cleaner handle all your fleece items as well as your other clothing and garments, then surely you have come to the right place.  The dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced garment specialists here at Jimmy’s Cleaners stands ready to meet your every need.  Our team takes tremendous pride in providing only the highest quality dry cleaning and alteration services to all our valued clients in Franklin and the surrounding town at prices that are affordable and in timelines that are accommodating to our clients’ needs.  We know full well what a fast-paced, hectic world we all live in and understand that sometimes that are simply not enough hours in a day to handle all those to do tasks.

If such is the case for you, don’t fret.  Simply bring your garments on down to our trusted facility or, better yet, take advantage of our convenient drop off and pick up services we offer.  We look forward to serving you and to helping you meet your daily tasks and demands by providing efficient cleaning of all your fleece garments and handling all your laundry needs.  Don’t delay.  Take advantage of our top-rated services and our weekly specials today!

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