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Premier Wedding Dress Alterations for a Perfect Fit

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Wedding dresses have to be ordered months and months in advance.  But what’s the bride to do when she drops those extra pounds before her wedding day?  No worries.  The team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations stand ready to meet your every need and to provide wedding dress alterations that make your dress fit perfectly on your once in a lifetime special day.

It’s not uncommon for brides to be to want to slim down before their wedding day.  Surely, they want to look their absolute best for all the wedding photos and videos that they will be looking at years down the road.  However, when you lose those excess pounds, you find yourself faced with another challenge – your wedding dress.  Since you had to order it months in advance of your wedding day, the weight you lost is apt to affect how your wedding gown will fit on your special day.


Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we take pride in our top-rated alterations services, our team of dedicated seamstresses and our affordable prices.  When you put your trust in the alteration team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners you are putting your trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in the industry.  Our alterations specialists will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that your wedding gown is flattering and fits you perfectly on your wedding day.  With years and years of tailoring and alterations experience our expert team has all the expertise they need in handling the delicate fabric and the many delicate details of your wedding gown.

We know full well how important your wedding day is and the pictures and memories that are all a part of it.  With that said, we are steadfast in our efforts and commitment to ensure that your wedding dress fits your body perfectly encompassing the weight loss you have experienced.  We are committed to adding to the happiness and the perfection of one of the biggest and happiest days of your life by providing you with the highest quality alterations services this side of Tennessee.  We want to help you show off your new body in the best possible way with alterations that showcase your whole new you.


Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations you are our number one priority.  If you are concerned that your wedding dress will simply not fall properly because of the recent weight you have lost, then worry no more.  Our team of professionals is on hand to provide you with all the wedding dress alterations you need to make your special day the success you long it to be.  Simply give a shout out to one of our team members to schedule a fitting and measuring.  We can provide you with timelines that are accommodating to your wedding needs and have your wedding dress ready to turn heads on your wedding day.

A wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience filled with lots of special moments and countless memories. Your wedding dress is one of the most visible elements of your wedding day and will be talked about for years after your special day.  With that said, we here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to contribute to your fairy tale day by providing you with the last-minute alterations you need.  Be sure to reach out to our team for all your wedding dress alterations and let us help make your wedding day a perfect day to remember!

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