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How to Perform Your Own Pants Hem

Pants Hem

One of the most important components of style and fashion, is overall proper fit. Often times you can find that perfect pair of pants that fits your waistline to the tee, but lo and behold, more often than not, the length is way too long. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we want to take a few moments to share with our valued clients the simple steps involved in performing your own pants hem. Hemming your pants is really quite easy to do so there is no reason why you cannot enjoy wearing your newly purchased pants with just the right look and fit.


Truly, hemming your own pants is an easy task. The tools you will need to perform this simple task include a seam ripper, chalk, scissors, a measuring tape, a sewing kit, an ironing board and an iron. The first step in performing your pants hem is to remove all the stitching that is currently there. Use your seam ripper to carefully remove the existing stitches and be sure in doing so that you do not put a hole or a tear in the pants fabric. The zig zag stitching that you will notice along the very edge of the hem itself, you will want to keep intact.

Next, you will need to determine the proper length you want and need. Be sure to put on the typical shoes you will be wearing with your new pants and then fold the pants to reflect the length you want. Pin the hem at the very top and the bottom of the fold and then be sure to look in a mirror to confirm that you have chosen the proper length.

Once you are satisfied with the pin up you have performed, take the pants off and turn them inside out. Using your measuring tape, measure from the top to the bottom of the fold you put in place and then fold and pin the remainder of the pants hem. You can also use the chalk at this point to make sure that the hem is even all around. Once you finish the first leg, follow the same protocol with the other pant leg.

The next simple step, before our final step, is to now iron your pants all along the bottom edge and remove the pins as you go. The final step is to choose the proper color thread that matches your pants color. Thread your needle and start stitching about an eighth of an inch from the top of your ironed hem and continue to stitch all around. Once you have completed this stitching, your hem is all set and your new pants are the proper length you need them to be.



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