Sort Laundry

Tips to Properly Sort Laundry

Do all your whites tend to look dingy when they come out of the washing machine? Does your favorite shirt come out of the wash with a whole new shade of color? If you answered yes to these questions, then the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations have some useful tips to offer on how to properly sort laundry to avoid encountering these common problems


To save your laundry from all kinds of washing machine problems, start by sorting your laundry first, before washing. Sorting should include separate baskets for whites and pastels, light colors and finally for dark colors.

  • Your first batch of clothes should include all the whites and those of pastel colors such as yellow, tan and pink. A surefire way of keeping all your whites and pastels looking bright and near to new is to ensure that they are never exposed to dyes that are typically released when clothes of darker colors are washed. Before washing, be sure to pretreat any stains, underarm or otherwise, then follow with a wash in hot water.
  • Your colored pieces of clothing should typically be colorfast to allow for the maintenance of their original color without any running or fading. The team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners highly recommends you run a new article of clothing such as jeans, through a wash cycle a couple of times to ensure that they are safely colorfast. To test and see if a clothing item is actually colorfast, you can simply spray a bit of water on the item and take a paper towel and blot the garment. If the paper towel has any color on it, then the item is still leaking color and could easily damage other items in your wardrobe. Once an item is colorfast, you can then put it in the load of laundry that has vibrant colors and not worry about items becoming faded or color dyed. To keep all your bright colored clothes looking like new, be sure to turn them inside out when washing and always wash them on very short washing cycles.
  • Dark colored clothes typically include garments that are black, brown, grey, navy, and dark red. Be sure to wash these dark colored garments in cold water and use short wash cycles which help to preserve and maintain their dark rich colors. If you prefer to dry dark colors in the dryer rather than to hang them, be sure to use a low temperature setting.
  • As an additional note, whenever you are washing fragile items of clothing, always use the gentlest wash cycle and most definitely cold water. Always, always, always avoid hot water with delicates.


Having to follow these special steps when doing your laundry at home, can definitely be a bit of a challenge and certainly time-consuming. If you find you haven’t enough hours in the day to set aside appropriate time to properly sort laundry before washing, then perhaps it’s time you put your trust into the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners. Our dedicated specialists are on hand to take care of your every laundry need and takes pride in providing you with only the highest quality laundry services this side of Tennessee.

Our specialists have all the knowledge and expertise needed to handle all your dry cleaning, laundering and alteration needs. With the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations, you never have to give up your own quality time to sort laundry and then both wash and dry your garments. Rather, you can simply drop off your laundry at our trusted facility or even take advantage of our convenient drop off and pick up services if need be. To learn more about our facility and our affordable yet top of the line laundry services, reach out to one of our team members today!

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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Your Winter Outerwear and Garments

Certainly, spring is in the air and after a long, drawn out fall and winter season it is ever so welcomed. Spring is definitely the ideal time of year for spring cleaning, removing all that clutter from your home, grooming your landscape and property, and dry cleaning and stowing away your winter gear and garments. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations our team of friendly professionals is on hand to help our valued clients with their spring tidy up tasks.

The seasonal cleaning is not only about being tidy; however, it is all about safety as well. Ensuring that your smoke alarm has fresh batteries, your carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher are fully functional, clutter is removed to avoid fires and all those winter garments are cleaned and stowed away to minimize clutter and fire hazards as well. It is also a time to check your home emergency plan and have a safety inspection performed of your electrical outlets, your HVAC system, your plumbing system and any other critical home systems and elements.


Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we take pride in our top of the line dry cleaning and alteration services. Our team of dedicated technicians is available to help with your spring cleaning by cleaning and altering all your winter garments before you stow them away. Our team of specialists will not only remove dirt and grime, but treat stains and even press those items that need ironing so that you can store them away clean until next winter. Winter items such as mittens, sweaters, scarves, wool coats and parkas should all be cleaned and prepared for storage.

It is important not to store away winter garments that have not been properly cleaned. Removing dirt, mud, stains and winter grime is essential to the lifespan of your clothes and is something our team can handle. We will give all your winter attire, both outerwear and everyday wear, all the proper care they need so that when winter rolls around again, your attire will be prepped and ready for another cold weather season. Your winter attire next season will look like new and be fresh and ready to be worn.


We offer all our clients convenient drop off and pick up services here at Jimmy’s Cleaners. Simply contact our team and schedule a pickup at your home of all your winter garments and we will properly clean and care for them and deliver them back to you. We understand full well how hectic life can be and take pride in providing this specialized service for all our valued clients.

Be sure to also check out our weekly specials and take advantage of those as well. Our team of professionals is committed to providing only the highest quality dry cleaning and alteration services this side of Franklin. We are on hand to perform any dry cleaning, tailoring and alteration needs and are quick to address any fabric or material concerns you may have.


To schedule your drop off and pick up services, be sure to reach out to the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations today. Spring is a magnificent time of year and our team of specialists want to help make your spring cleaning as quick and easy as possible. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best all round dry cleaning, tailoring, alteration and stain removing services this side of Tennessee!

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Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Fleece Garments

We all know how warm and comfy fleece can be.  Fleece is a common garment fabric that many individuals give favor to in the cold weather months and a fabric that is entirely water-resistant as well.   The natural fleece fabric is made from wool bearing animals such as sheep, where synthetic fleece is made from other fabrics such as polyester.  Being that fleece garments are quite popular and functional and many people wear this comfortable fabric often, the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations thought we would share with our valued clients some simple care and maintenance tips for all your special fleece garments.

We are often asked how individuals should clean and care for their fleece items to keep them looking like new.  With that said, here is some insight to help.


Fleece is quite durable and generally very safe to wash in your home washing machine.  With that said, here are some simple steps you should adhere to when cleaning your fleece items at home.  For starters, spot treat any noticeable stains you may have on your fleece items with a special stain removing substance.  Secondly, always turn your fleece garments inside out and wash them with cold water on a gentle wash cycle.  Finally, if you elect to dry your garments, set your home dryer to the very lowest setting available and be sure to remove your garment immediately once the dry cycle has finished.  It is also a common practice to hand wash your fleece items in cold water with a very mild detergent as well.


Although, as we said, fleece is quite durable and extremely easy to give care to, the experts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners have a couple of thoughts for you to keep in mind when you set out to clean your fleece to avoid damaging your comfy garments.

To being with fabric softeners and fleece should never be combined together.  When you are washing your fleece garments avoid using fabric softeners of any type and avoid using bleach as well so as to ensure the lifespan of your garments.  In addition, fleece is quite susceptible to that all-annoying pilling especially when exposed to heat.  With that said, you should never iron your fleece items or expose them to a hot clothes dryer or the hot water wash cycle on your washing machine.  At all costs, avoid extreme heat.


If, however, you would prefer to take the challenge of caring for and cleaning your favored fleece garments away from yourself and would rather have a professional cleaner handle all your fleece items as well as your other clothing and garments, then surely you have come to the right place.  The dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced garment specialists here at Jimmy’s Cleaners stands ready to meet your every need.  Our team takes tremendous pride in providing only the highest quality dry cleaning and alteration services to all our valued clients in Franklin and the surrounding town at prices that are affordable and in timelines that are accommodating to our clients’ needs.  We know full well what a fast-paced, hectic world we all live in and understand that sometimes that are simply not enough hours in a day to handle all those to do tasks.

If such is the case for you, don’t fret.  Simply bring your garments on down to our trusted facility or, better yet, take advantage of our convenient drop off and pick up services we offer.  We look forward to serving you and to helping you meet your daily tasks and demands by providing efficient cleaning of all your fleece garments and handling all your laundry needs.  Don’t delay.  Take advantage of our top-rated services and our weekly specials today!

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How to Properly Maintain and Clean Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are made of a variety of new fabric combinations that enhance the overall form-fitting look.  The innovative fabrics of today actually absorb your sweat, taking it away from your body.  With that said, these same fabrics tend to hold onto body odors and smells resulting from a strenuous workout when they are not laundered properly or they are not completely dried.  Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations our team of specialists wants to share with our valued clients the importance of proper laundering and how to clean yoga pants and extend their life expectancy.

Advancements in Fabrics and Cleaning Procedures

There have been a number of advancements in technology with regard to the proper care and maintenance of gym and other work out clothing articles.  One of the most recent advancements is that of adding microscopic particles to the yoga pants such as silver.  Since silver is an antibacterial element that can kill germs that are present on your body surface, it is an ideal addition to work out and gym clothing.  Trendy yoga pants are primarily composed of lycra and nylon combined with other stretchy fabrics that require specialized washing and maintenance to avoid foul odors from setting in.  When yoga pants are not laundered properly and not dried appropriately, they will present with a number of problems, including the development of odors which are allowed to set in as a result of improper laundering.


Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners our team of dedicated specialists is on hand to take care of all your athletic garments.  We fully understand the laundering process and are equipped to handle your every need.  We take every precaution when cleaning your yoga pants, which includes fine tuning our everyday industrial strength washing machines and spin cycles accordingly.  We give focus to the appropriate drum rotations and wash times as well as the temperature of the water and any detergents or solutions we use.  We ensure that the water temperature is warm enough for enzymes to work at their best and we also monitor the content of the water so as to avoid staining and increase the life expectancy of the garment.

Our team of specialists ensures that we use the correct timing on all our laundry processes to avoid odors from attaching themselves once again to the threads in the fabrics.  When proper laundering is not performed odors are actually baked back into the fabrics when they are dried at high temperatures.  With that in mind, we use powerful enzyme-based detergents that thoroughly remove the odors and prevent them from reforming in your yoga pants.

Lastly, when we clean yoga pants here at Jimmy’s Cleaners, we give much focus to the drying process.  For proper cleaning we must control the heat and humidity involved in the process.  Improper drying methods can result in damaged fabrics and a minimized lifespan of your garments.


If you are athletic and commonly wear work out or yoga pants, then be sure to bring your garments on down to our trusted facility for all your cleaning and drying needs.  Our team of experts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners are committed to providing only the highest quality cleaning services to all our valued clients and are on hand to meet your every need.  With not enough hours in a day, why not take advantage of our convenient drop off and pick up services when it’s time to have your workout garments cleaned.   The folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners look forward to serving you and to providing you with state of the art, affordable services to not only clean yoga pants but all your workout garments as well.  Don’t delay.  Put your trust into the hands of our highly skilled and experienced cleaning specialists today.

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Deodorant stains on shirt

What to Do with Those Unsightly Deodorant Stains

Whether winter, spring, summer or fall, most of us don’t start the day out without putting on our deodorant or antiperspirant.  However, most people are completely unaware of the effects that these hygiene products can have on your clothing.  In some cases, they can permanently damage garments making them unsightly and unwearable.   Excessive use of these hygiene products can result in deodorant stains on some of your favorite articles of clothing.


Deodorant stains are the result of overuse of deodorants and their active ingredients.  These hygiene products contain aluminum salts that leave chalky white marks on your skin’s surface which, over a period of time, can easily transfer to the garments you are wearing and leave them stained with the same chalky white substance.  When garments are not regularly cleaned, a buildup of chalky residue occurs resulting, over time, in damage to fabrics of all types.


There are a few important and simple steps you can take to prevent any deodorant stains and chemical damage to your garments as a result of using these favored hygiene products.  Our team of specialists wants to share some of those important steps with you in our efforts to help you minimize stains and damage caused to garments.

  • First and foremost, you may want to choose an invisible solid product as opposed to the typical white solid products on the market. Invisible solids are a lot less likely to leave any marks or stains of any type on your clothing.
  • When applying your deodorant be sure to only apply a thin layer since overuse of the product allows it to rub off onto your garments much easier. Be sure to limit the amount you use.
  • Always wait at least a good 30 seconds after applying your product before you put on your favorite garments. These short 30 seconds give your body sufficient time to absorb the deodorant thereby keeping it from transferring over to your clothing items.
  • Make it a point to regularly shave your armpits so that when you apply your deodorant there is little to no hair for it to cling to. This will drastically minimize the amount of product that actually transfers to your clothes and helps to minimize deodorant stains.
  • Finally, be sure to launder your clothing items regularly and as soon as possible after wearing the garments. If your garment has a deodorant stain,  we suggest you apply some laundry detergent directly to the stained area and rub it gently, then follow up with a routine wash in the highest water temperature that is safe and suitable for the garment fabric or bring them on down to our trusted team of dry cleaning specialists who will take care of your every need.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations our team of friendly professionals is dedicated and committed to maintaining the overall integrity of all your cherished garments.  When your clothing items suffer with deodorant stains, it is important not to delay, but rather bring them to our facility as soon as possible and let us remove the stains for you.  We fully understand that clothing items can be quite costly and many times a favorite piece of clothing gets stained or damaged.  That’s where the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners come in.  We are on hand to provide you with the highest quality dry cleaning services this side of Franklin and stand ready to meet your every dry cleaning or alteration needs, and that includes the removal of deodorant stains.

Why not take advantage of our weekly specials, or even our convenient pick up and drop off services today?  Simply give a shout out to one of our team members and schedule your laundry pick up.  Don’t let deodorant stains ruin your favorite clothing items, but rather put your trust into the hands of some of the absolute best dry-cleaning specialists in the industry.  We look forward to serving you and send along wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

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Simple Tips for Sweater Care

Well, fall has arrived, which means its everyone’s favorite sweater season.  The days are much shorter and the nights offer us cool comfortable temperatures.  People find themselves situated by the outdoor fireplace or fire pit spending time with family and friends.  With all that said the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to share with our valued clients some very simple but useful tips for sweater care this fall that will surely help to keep your sweaters looking like new while extending their life span as well.


  • Never hang your sweaters, but rather fold them neatly and place them in your drawers or the top of your closet space. Avoid squishing your sweaters into tight places as well;
  • Whenever having to remove lint, hair, dog fur, or even fuzzy little balls from your sweaters always use the softest brush possible;
  • If your sweater seems to have lost its original shape, then head on down to our dry-cleaning facility so our highly experienced team of techs can revive your sweater and bring it back to its original shape;
  • Be sure to adhere to whatever cleaning instructions are printed on your garment’s tag and remember if it specifically says, ‘dry clean only’ then again we highly recommend you put your trust into the our dedicated team of dry cleaning specialists here at Jimmy’s Cleaners;
  • Avoid wearing rough fabrics underneath your sweaters and heavy coats atop of them since both can contribute to a minimized lifespan of your cherished sweaters;
  • Finally, be sure that you have your sweaters properly cleaned before you store them away at the end of the season.


  • When hand washing start by turning your sweater inside out so as to protect the delicate outside fibers;
  • Fill your washing basin or sink with appropriate water temperatures that will be included in the care instructions on your sweater’s garment tag. Add a very small amount of a quality clothing detergent and mix it thoroughly with the water in the sink or basin.  Avoid creating suds.
  • Gently submerge the sweater into the water and allow it to soak for at least 20 minutes without kneading, squishing or scrunching the sweater;
  • After soaking, rinse the sweater with clear tap water until there are no bubbles present. When rinsing your sweater be sure not to pull the sweater out of the water, but rather hold the sweater with your hands underneath the soaked garment and lift it out of the water using this technique.  Lifting rather than pulling the sweater out of the water will avoid stretching the garment and its fibers and disrupting its natural shape.
  • Lay the sweater with its front side up, on a dry towel and blot the sweater gently. Then carefully reshape the sweater to its original shape on the towel, buttoning any buttons, placing the sweater collars back into shape, and straightening out the sleeves accordingly.
  • Finally, allow your hand-washed sweater to dry overnight on the towel surface. In the morning, flip the sweater over carefully, blot it again, reshape it again and allow the other side to dry throughout the daytime and into the nighttime if need be.

The team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations hope you have found our simple tips for sweater care useful.  Remember, if hand-washing is not your area of expertise, then be sure to bring your favorite sweaters and other garments down to our trusted dry-cleaning facility and let our experienced team take care of all your dry-cleaning needs.  Be sure to take advantage of our weekly specials and our convenient drop-off and pick-up services as well.  The folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners send along wishes for a safe and healthy fall season to all our valued clients!

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grass stains on jeanbs

Tips for Removing Grass Stains On Your Favorite Blue Jeans

Typically, grass stains can be easily removed by simply washing your blue jeans according to their specific care instructions.  However, often times, these stains are allowed to set for an extended period of time making them incredibly difficult to remove or eliminate.  With that said, the experts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to share with our valued clients some helpful tips and home remedies for removing those stubborn stains from your favorite pair of blue jeans.


You should always treat stains as soon as possible by applying a small amount of cool water and laundry detergent to them.  Allowing them to set without pretreatment will make removing the stains a whole lot harder.  In some cases, you may need to use an all fabric bleach or an oxygen bleach.  However, the best solution for removing stubborn set in grass stains is to bring your garments down to our trusted facility and let our team of specialists take care of your every need.

Our team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations takes care of dry cleaning needs for just about every type of  ‘accident’ including removing stubborn grass stains.  We take pride in our team of trained and certified techs who specialize in removing stains by using a wide range of professional garment treatments.  We also offer convenient drop off and pick up services to alleviate even more of your challenges and time-consuming tasks.  We will pick up your garments, remove the stains for you, and deliver them back to you looking just like new.


There are a variety of home remedies you can also try, some of which work effectively, others might not work as well.  They include:

  • Vinegar – Soak your grass stained jeans in vinegar for a mere hour and then wash and dry them as you normally would.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Be cautious when trying this home remedy because peroxide can actually alter the existing color of your jeans or garment. Spot check a small corner of the garment first.  Apply the hydrogen peroxide to the stained area before you wash it and then launder it the same way you always do.
  • Baking Soda – Apply a paste like mixture of water and baking soda to your stain. Scrub a few drops of vinegar utilizing a brush.  The mixture of the two together will cause a fizzing reaction that actually lifts the stain out of your jeans.
  • Rubbing Alcohol – Soak the stained area of your jeans for about 30 minutes in rubbing alcohol before a usual washing.

These are just a few home remedies you can try, but again we highly suggest you simply bring your stained jeans or garments down to the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and let us take care of all your laundering needs.  If you are in need of specialized laundering treatments, alterations or need to have those stubborn grass stains removed from your favorite pair of jeans, then we are the team for you.  Our team of specialists is committed to providing all our valued clients top-rated services at affordable prices and meeting with the individual timelines of all our clients as well.  Why let your laundry set for days on end, or let those nasty stains set in, when you can rely on the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners.  Don’t delay.  Either bring your garments down to our facility or contact us to schedule a convenient drop off and pick up service today.  We look forward to serving you and to providing the highest quality dry cleaning and alteration services this side of Franklin.

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Special Summer Clothing Tips to Practice This Summer

Well, summer has certainly arrived, which means lots of trips to the ocean and beach, lots of summer cookouts and parties, wining and dining and endless summer activities to share.  With that said, the friendly professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations have a few practical summer clothing tips for everyone to practice this summer.

Summer Clothing Tips: Damaging Sun Tanning Products

We all love going to the beach whether to enjoy ocean activities or enhance our bronze summer tan.  Everybody loves a tan and though the sun and beach help everyone of us to acquire that perfect summer tan, tanning lotions, creams, oils and bronzers contribute greatly to that sexy summer tan and glow.  The team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners want our valued clients to be aware that though bronzers and tanning products can help you achieve your summer tan, if you do not allow them to dry thoroughly before putting on your bathing suit or other garments, then you are sure to run into a few costly problems.  These tanning products can cause oily stains on your garments and contribute greatly to discoloration as well.  If, however, after applying your favorite tanning product, you allow adequate time for it to dry thoroughly before donning that attractive bathing suit or any one of those stylish summer garments, your worries are none.

Summer Clothing Tips: Unpleasant, Unattractive Sweat Stains

With summer comes the scorching temperatures that ultimately cause most people to suffer the effects of sweating.  People often think that if they wear white or very light-colored garments in the summertime they have no need to worry about perspiration stains.  This could not be farther from the truth.  If while wearing a white garment, you perspire but there is no visible evidence of your perspiration, you should know that over time the once clear spots on your summer garments will begin to yellow and cause permanent stains if you do not take appropriate steps to clean them in a timely fashion.  Clear stains on garments oxidize over time and become darker and darker as time goes on.  Whether or not your perspiration stains on your white or very light-colored summer garments are visible after a wearing or two, be sure to have your garments dry cleaned as soon after wearing them as is possible if you have perspired while flaunting your sassy summer attire.  Doing so, will certainly extend the lifespan of some of your favorite pieces that make up your stylish summer wardrobe.

Summer Clothing Tips: Harsh Ocean Salt Water

For those who travel to summer destinations that include a magnificent ocean filled with salt water, it is important once your ocean fun is over, to rinse out your bathing suit or other garments thoroughly in fresh water to remove all traces of the salt.  Salt can cause serious damage to clothing fibers if the clothing is not properly rinsed and cleaned.  Ocean water can easily destroy your favorite summer bikini so be sure to rinse out your swimwear and other garments with fresh water and then hang them out to dry.

We all love the summer months and we certainly give favor to our chic summer swimwear and other specialized garments which is why the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations wanted to share these helpful summer clothing tips with all our valued clients.  Be sure to bring all your summer wear down to our trusted facility and take advantage of our many weekly specials as well.  We look forward to serving you and to keeping all your sassy summer attire in tip top shape all summer long and then some!

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Mildew and Smoke Cleaning Techniques for Fabrics or Textiles

We can all agree that the unappealing smells of mildew and smoke in clothes, garments and other fabrics can be very difficult to remove.  The reason why the task can be so challenging is because these powerful odors easily become trapped within the fabrics and textiles, which ultimately makes it near to impossible to remove the smells with typical everyday cleaning techniques.  However, here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations our specialized mildew and smoke cleaning techniques utilizing ozone generators can remove these types of odors with the greatest of ease.

Oxygen as we all know it, exists in everyday living in the form of Ozone O2.  Ozone is the result of a chemical process called oxidation, which causes materials of various types when combined with oxygen to change its overall molecular presence.  Oxygen also has a reactive form of existence known as Ozone, O3, a presence that is a good deal more powerful and more reactive chemically than typical Ozone O2.


Ozone generators function by taking dry air and passing it through an electrical field with a high frequency.  The electrical discharge then splits the oxygen molecule into two atoms.  These newly formed atoms then combine with another oxygen molecule that has not been split at all and together form what is known as an ozone.  When strong mildew or smoke odors that are deeply embedded in your garments, clothes or fabrics come in contact with the newly formed ozone oxidation reoccurs pulling the odors from the materials and eliminating them, while releasing the oxygen itself at the same time.

We all have been faced at one time or another with powerful, unappealing odors that get caught up in our clothes or other fabrics.  Often times when a disaster of sorts occurs, such as a flood typically the strong smell of mildew makes its presence known in garments, fabrics or carpets.  Should you fall prey to a fire, typically a heavy smell of smoke gets into drapes, carpets, clothing and other fabrics.  When this occurs, relying upon the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations, and our specialized mildew and smoke cleaning techniques is the perfect solution for you.  Our state of the art dry cleaning service utilizing ozone generators has proven to be not only effective in eliminating the powerful smells of smoke and mildew from textiles and clothing, but also has proven to protect your fabrics overall.

Should you find yourself faced with unappealing, hard to remove, mildew or smoke odors in your clothing, carpets, garments or any other fabrics or textiles, then surely you have come to the right place.  The dedicated dry-cleaning specialists here at Jimmy’s Cleaners are committed to providing all our valued clients with the most effective and affordable dry cleaning services no matter what your fabric or garment needs may be.  For the highest quality mildew and smoke cleaning techniques this side of Franklin, be sure to reach out to the experts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners.  While you’re at it, take advantage of our premier drop off and pick up services, our shirt laundry weekly specials, our affordable alterations and even our state of the art wedding gown preservation services.

We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the highest quality, affordable, dry cleaning services this side of Franklin.  Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners we offer top of the line services that will simply not be matched by any of our competitors.  Don’t delay in bringing your smoke and mildew damaged fabrics to our facility or if it’s fur, leather or suede cleaning techniques you need, then surely we are the team for you!!

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How to Take Care of That Prom Dress Stain

Well its that time of year for Junior and Senior Proms and for spending lots of money on the perfect prom dress and tux.  But what do you do when you are enjoying your prom date and activities and right in the middle of that exciting dinner you drop food on your dress and are left with an unsightly prom dress stain? 

The answer is simple.  Many prom dress stains can be easily removed if they are caught immediately and are properly treated.  The ultimate goal is to either hide the unsightly stain until you can get your prom dress to the professional cleaners or to remove the stain altogether.  With that said, the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to provide you with some simple stain removing tips.  All too often people rub stains with all types of mixtures in their efforts to remove them as quickly as possible.  However, this typically makes the matter at hand worse because it will most likely pull color from the garment fabric and create a permanent unattractive water ring or may even make a hole in that delicate, expensive prom garment.

While at your prom, follow these simple tips below to remove stains:

  • Brentwood Shirt Cleaning ServicesBlot your prom dress stain with a white cloth or napkin so as to remove any excess live stain, but be sure not to rub at all.
  • Choose the appropriate stain removal technique from the list we will provide below that is specific to your prom stain.
  • Put a small amount of the specific solution onto a white napkin or cloth.
  • Blot, do not rub, by pressing the napkin or cloth onto the stain until the stain actually transfers over to the napkin or cloth.
  • Continue this process until the entire stain is removed.
  • If there is a hair dryer accessible to you, dry the area from the outside of the stain area to the center of the stain in circular motions.

Which Solution Do I Use?

Here are some of the most effective ‘fix-it’ solutions depending upon the type of stain.

  • For an oil-based stain such as salad dressing, mayonnaise or grease, mix a drop or two of either dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, pine-sol or shampoo into a cup of water.
  • For protein stains such as perspiration, blood or milk mix a drop of mild dish detergent and ammonia in a cup of water.
  • For plant based stains such as coffee, tea, wine or juice mix a drop or two of a mild dish detergent with either white vinegar or lemon juice
  • For makeup stains, start by scraping off any excess makeup that has made its way to your prom dress and blot it with a dry cloth. Then dab a very small amount of rubbing alcohol onto the stain and let it sit for about 4-5 minutes.  Then rinse it with a small amount of water and if possible dry the area with a hair dryer if one is accessible. If the stain is still there, then apply a mixture of water and dishwashing soap and let it dry for 15-20 minutes.  Then rinse it and dry it thoroughly.

Tips to Hide or Camouflage the Stain

It may be a good idea to simply try and camouflage the stain until you are able to bring it on down to our trusted dry-cleaning facility here at jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations.  You can simply dab baking soda, corn starch or baby powder onto the stain for an effective quick, camouflage fix.

If you have fallen victim to an unsightly prom dress stain don’t fret.  Try one of our easy tips above and then get your dress to our specialists as soon after the event as possible.  We will analyze the stain and apply the proper fix-it stain removal and cleaning method to safely remove the unwanted stain without causing any damage to your garment.

Proms are a truly memorable and cherished event, so don’t let that unsuspecting prom dress stain rob you of your once in a lifetime experience.  Rather, put your trust in the highly skilled and experienced specialists here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations once all the celebrating is over and let our team of specialists take care of all your stain removal needs.  We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the highest quality dry cleaning and alterations services this side of Tennessee!

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