Time to Unpack Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe

Spring is officially here. It is time to put away all those dark fall and winter clothes and unpack those bright, colorful and lightweight spring and summer wardrobe pieces. With that said, it’s time to bring all your winter wardrobe to the specialists here at Jimmy’s Cleaners & Alterations for cleaning before you tuck them away until fall and winter are upon us again. By cleaning all your clothes before storing them you help keep moths at bay and away from your cherished clothes. Once you have had all your garments cleaned by our professional team then it’s time to pack them away in a very dry place and keep them out of any direct heat or light.

Preparing for Spring

It only goes without saying that before you start unpacking the endless spring and summer garments you have, you should take ample time to clean out your closets and drawers so as to make room for the upcoming seasonal clothes. When spring cleaning your closets and drawers be certain to go through all your clothing pieces and determine which should be donated, which simply need to be thrown out, and which need to be professionally cleaned or even pressed before you put them away for a long time.

Keeping your closets and drawers clean and smelling fresh all year round will add both freshness and life to your wardrobe. Hanging dried sachets of lavender or even cedar in your closet and even in your dresser drawers will help to keep your garments smelling fresh and will also help to keep the moths away since lavender and cedar are both known to be moth repellants. Taking these extra little steps will ensure that your wardrobe always smells fresh and clean.

Once you have finished all your cleanup and preparation of your closet and drawers, and have provided elements that will contribute to the clean fresh smell of your clothes, then it is time to start unpacking and going through your spring and summer wardrobe. When unpacking your spring and summer wardrobe take a few moments to determine if there are any articles of clothing that you probably will not find yourself wearing any longer and put them together to donate to the Goodwill or perhaps donate to a local clothing and shoe drive in your community.

When unpacking, take time to put all your garments in their appropriate places, whether hanging in your closet or nicely tucked away in one of your drawers and remember to take advantage of the variety of scented items you can purchase to keep your clothes smelling crisp and fresh all spring and summer long.

Throughout the spring and summer months, don’t forget when your clothes need special dry cleaning or even alterations of any type, to bring them on down to our friendly and very professional facility. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners & Alterations we offer customer drop off and pick up services in order to accommodate the hectic and cluttered schedules of so many of our clients. We want to be able to make your dry cleaning experience not only quick and easy but as stress free as possible.

We fully understand that your clothes are truly among some of your biggest investments which is why we are so committed to providing you with superior services at affordable prices. Surely you spend a good deal of time and money on creating the perfect look so it only makes sense that you want to keep your garments looking stylish, clean and fresh and preserving your personal look.

In addition to our quality services, our specialists have a few important tips to share with you. For starters, never let stains sit for an extended period of time. If you experience a spill on your favorite piece of clothing be sure to get it down to our trusted cleaners soon as possible and whatever you do, don’t dry scrubbing the stain out first, this only makes it worse. Further, always pay attention to the tags on your garments and when it clearly says dry clean only, then indeed you want to dry clean only. If you choose to wash them in a machine instead the results are sure to be disastrous.

The cleaning professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners & Alterations are ready, willing and able to take care of all your dry cleaning and alteration needs. With our full service package, that includes pick up and drop off, as well as cleaning, pressing and hanging your cherished garments, you can be sure that we will contribute to the life expectancy of your wardrobe investment every season. Come on down to our friendly facility today or call for our quick and easy pick up and drop off services and don’t forget to take advantage of our special discount offers.

Brentwood Dry Cleaning

Spring Clean your Drapes and Rugs With Professional Dry Cleaning Services

How exciting, Spring is almost here! People are always so happy when the warmer temperatures and the more comfortable weather arrives after battling the long winter months. Surely we all know that with the warm spring weather we all have to take on the task of performing much needed spring cleaning. Spring cleaning typically means dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing windows and floors, and yes, cleaning all those dirty rugs and your drapes that have survived the long dirty winter days and nights.

Surely your indoor rugs endure a whole lot of wear and tear, and more so during the winter months. No matter how hard you try, it seems in the winter months mud, dirt, and all kinds of grime still find their way onto your indoor rugs. For this very reason, when winter is over and spring makes its appearance, it’s an ideal time to have all your rugs cleaned. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we are equipped to dry clean and even repair all your indoor rugs. With our special pick up and drop off service, we can come out to your home and pick up those hard to carry rugs, professionally clean them and then deliver them right back to your home. We are all about providing top of the line services to all our clients and surely helping to make your spring cleaning easier is at the top of our list of services.

Further, we understand that the cold winter temperatures have everybody hibernating in their homes without a whole lot of fresh air coming in. When spring time arrives and you can finally open those windows you are sure to notice the excessive dirt and grime that accumulated on your drapes during those long cold winter months. Ultimately the accumulated dirt leaves your expensive drapes looking quite dirty and dingy. That’s where the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations come in. We provide top of the line, affordable dry cleaning services for all kinds of materials and items.

Those heavy drapes require some pretty heavy cleaning, which should be left to our professional technicians. Since drapes typically have linings that are not washable in a household washing machine, we strong advise you not to attempt to wash your drapes at home. If you do, you are apt to find that they will either shrink or fray and many times the material will become puckered and the colors will fade. In order to protect the color, shape, style and life expectancy of your beautiful drapes, be certain to have them professionally dry cleaned at our very reputable facility.

Dry cleaning services present with many benefits. Professional dry cleaning will always maintain the integrity of your rugs and drapes, will successfully remove all the dirt and grime that produce allergens, will most assuredly brighten up your living space and will allow you and your family to enjoy a clean and beautiful home when spring finally arrives.

Surely you don’t want to damage your expensive, beautiful drapes or rugs by attempting to clean and care for them at home, which is why we recommend you take advantage of our friendly pick up and drop off dry cleaning services during the upcoming spring season. Spring cleaning tasks are many, and for most people cleaning your drapes, curtains and rugs are on that lengthy checklist. Surely the folks here at Jimmy’ s Cleaners and Alterations can help reduce your spring cleaning tasks by providing you with our specialized dry cleaning services for all your rugs and drapes. Contact us today and be certain to take advantage of our special discount offers. We look forward to serving you and don’t forget we can save you a trip to the cleaners with our easy to schedule pick up and drop off service today.

Look Sharp and Impress your First Date with Crisp Dry Cleaning

So you are all excited about your first time date coming up this weekend and are starting to put those special plans in place. Well, creating the perfect first date, impressing your companion, and leaving a positive lasting impression takes a wee bit of planning for sure. Especially when it comes to dressing to impress. If your clothes are wrinkled or you didn’t use dry cleaning, it can be very noticeable. Choosing the right setting for your date is very important. Once you have decided on the perfect place and setting, then it’s time to give focus to all the other important details that will be every bit a part of that first date as the setting itself.

There are a variety of factors you want to consider when putting all your date plans in place and surely one of the most important of all is choosing the right clothes for your exciting adventure and occasion. The clothes you choose to wear will certainly make either a good or bad first impression which can make all the difference in the world on whether or not you will have a second date.


For men, finding a super great looking suit, if you have chosen a formal setting, or classy, crisp semi-formal or casual slacks and shirt if you have elected to keep that first meeting practical and comfortable is very important to that first date. Making certain that your suit or other articles of clothing are clean, crisp and pristine can be easy when using the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations. Our highly skilled and experienced team will dry clean and even alter your suit or other garments and have them fresh and ready for your date night. Should you even find that you need same day service, our convenient drop off and pick-up service is here to accommodate all your needs, and if you simply come on by and let our staff know you need to have your clothing the same day, we will most assuredly take care of all your needs.


For women, trying to dress to completely impress for your first date can not only be a bit of a challenge, but can be quite stressful since you are hoping to make a smashing appearance and impression all across the board. Choosing a great looking dress for your formal or semi-formal date, or even the ideal stylish pants and classy top along with appropriate accessories is an absolute must do. If you find that the one super stylish blouse you want to wear has yet to be dry cleaned, then no worries, no frets. Bring it on down to the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations and let us get your favorite totally impressive blouse cleaned and freshened for your first date. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we are all about the happiness and satisfaction of our valued clients which means if you find you are in need of same day dry cleaning services, then rest assured we are the team for you.

Why Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning all your valued and favorite clothes is something many people are dependent on. Having clean, fresh, and crisp clothes at all times, makes life a whole lot easier for all our clients with hard to manage, hectic schedules. The look and feel of freshly dry cleaned clothes will surely contribute to your comfort on that all-important first date and on your typical every day as well. The services we provide our valued clients, whether dry-cleaning or alterations, are always top notch and our staff will always try to meet with your needed timelines as best we can.

Also, choosing a classy yet comfortable setting for a first date makes saying hello and sharing conversation a whole lot easier. Much like the comfort of your freshly dry cleaned clothes, meeting in a classy but comfortable environment can surely add to a successful first date.

Getting your best and most impressive outfit cleaned and ready for your first date is well beyond easy when you choose to use the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations. Don’t forget to take a look at our special discounts and if need be, take advantage of our top-rated drop off and pick up services today. Best of luck on that first date!!

How to Protect your Draperies and Make them Last

Draperies are truly susceptible to a variety of problems from shrinkage and staining to fading and abrasion damage. Because your home’s draperies are exposed to all sorts of environmental and atmospheric conditions for long periods of time, they typically encounter a wide range of problems.

Some of the most common issues associated with your draperies are damage caused from excessive light exposure, yellowing due to soil accumulation in the draperies or deterioration of their finishes, water marks, abrasion damage, shrinkage, and even damage to the lining during cleaning processes. Though some of these issues can be the result of defects in the manufacturing stages, issues such as those affiliated with light exposure, yellowing, water marks, and abrasion damage especially are the result of varied circumstances during use.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we take tremendous pride in providing all our valued clients with superior dry cleaning services. We are all about our clients and our number one priority is the happiness of each and every one of our clients. We provide superior dry cleaning services for draperies and contribute to the overall appearance and life expectancy of your draperies with our top-rated services and our innovative cleaning techniques.

We want all our clients to understand that the life expectancy of your draperies is dependent upon the fabric type and density, as well as finishes, the window location where they are hung, how long they have been in use and, of course, the type of care they receive. With that said, we offer the following insight to all our clients with regard to the care and maintenance of their draperies.

To alleviate yellowing due to excessive soiling or staining, individuals should have their drapes cleaned at minimum, once per year. It is best to have your drapes cleaned by a professional dry cleaners and surely the experts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations are skilled and equipped to handle all these very needs.

Further, it is important to protect your drapes from excessive moisture like rain or condensation from your window panes which can definitely result in water marks and mildew on your drapes. We also suggest that, when possible, homeowners rotate their draperies from time to time to vary the exposure to light.

To protect your drapes from abrasion damage you should avoid constant rubbing of the drapes on the window sills. This type of damage can also be caused by your friendly family pet snagging the fabric of the draperies with their claws. Finally, it is important to keep your drapes away from fireplaces and wood stoves since the smoke generated by both, and the smoke generated by cigarettes as well, have contaminants that can and will contribute to soiled draperies.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we dedicate a great deal of time and energy to providing our clients with services that are unmatched by our competitors. We offer, not only superior quality services that are effective and efficient, but we offer them all at prices that are every bit reasonable as they are affordable and offer a variety of discounts as well. We are also able to accommodate the timelines and schedules of all our clients and offer our extraordinary drop off and pick up services to our valued clients as well. We fully understand how hectic every day can be, and want to do our best to afford our clients with services, prices and timelines that are every bit stress free.

If you are in need of professional dry cleaning services for your draperies, or any dry cleaning services at all, then surely you have come to the right place. Bring your draperies and garments down to our highly reputable facility here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations and let our friendly and experienced technicians provide you with all your dry cleaning needs today and every day. Come on down today. We look forward to serving you and don’t forget to check out our special discount offers.

wardrobe accessories

Practical Accessories for your Professional Work Wardrobe

With winter time upon us and the chill of the winter air all around, the need for practical and useful clothing essentials to help ward off the wind and the cold are key to everyone’s professional work wardrobe. Dressing the part for your professional job is important when you are striving to achieve those career goals of yours. People tend to formulate opinions on a first glance and surely you want to not only feel and act the part, but look the professional part as well. You want to be able to portray that confident professional image with a slight touch of class to show not only your boss and colleagues, but your clients as well that you are focused, driven and truly the real deal.

With that said we here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations take tremendous pride in providing all our professional clients with state of the art, superior dry cleaning and alteration services. We are committed to delivering that professional look you long to uphold time and time again with our extraordinary services, and our flawless end product. If you are like so many other members of the working class that are constantly looking to add a bit of style, class, and even sophistication to your professional look, then check out these suggestions the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations have for you.

Professional Accessories to Add to Your Work Look

For starters, in the winter months, there is nothing quite as eye-catching and attractive as a nice wool overcoat. One of the finest materials to don yourself in when attempting to fight off the chill of the winter air and the frigid cold winds is good old-fashioned wool. We strongly recommend you invest in an attractive wool overcoat in order to stay warm and look spectacular at the same time. Our highly trained and experienced tailors can help you with your measurements which are important to making a proper and easier purchase that fits just right. Keep in mind when purchasing your wool overcoat that darker colors will allow you to wear your wool overcoat with all types of wardrobe attire including pants, suits, shirts and ties, and for the professional women out there with any style of dress or skirt as well.

Another very attractive, practical and useful winter accessory is that of a scarf. With a scarf you can certainly add class and appeal to your winter professional attire. Choosing the perfect scarf can be a bit of a fun challenge. People tend to think that a scarf needs to be simple, basic and of a neutral color. However, a scarf with a neutral base color accented with bright, bold colors is sure to liven up your attire, give it a creative presence, and, while adding to your business outfits, will also allow you to attract a bit of positive attention in the process as well.

Finally, at all times during the year, and primarily in the snowy, wet winter months, you want to be able to protect all your valuable documents at all times. The most obvious way of accomplishing this task is to invest in an attractive, stylish briefcase. A briefcase will certainly protect all your documents and files, but will also add style and pizzazz to your business attire. Be cautious when selecting the perfect briefcase and be certain to give much attention to the overall look you are attempting to achieve. Leather is typically the briefcase of choice and indeed is a great material for a briefcase since it is both appealing to look at and very resilient. There is a wide range of briefcases on the market today, many of which, we are certain, will satisfy the professional look you are going for.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we always put our clients first and are ready, willing and able to contribute to your wardrobe needs, even if it is simply sharing wardrobe concepts and ideas with you. And don’t forget, when it comes time to dry clean, maintain and alter your new winter accessories be sure to reach out to our friendly and highly experienced team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations. Take a peek at our weekly specials and come on down to our facility for the best, fastest and most affordable dry cleaning and alteration services in Franklin and the surrounding towns.

Look your Best with our Executive Shirt Cleaning Services

Every executive knows just how important their dress shirts are to their professional, executive wardrobe. Though shirts are more often than not an article of clothing that is simply taken for granted and truly underestimated, they are essential to the perfect executive look. People want, and need, their shirts to look professional at all times, which is why we here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations highly recommend you take advantage of our top of the line executive shirt cleaning services.

Though the care and treatment of shirts is somewhat simplistic and quite easy to perform, whether cleaning or pressing them, there are occasions when a shirt can encounter a variety of problems. Problems such as color loss, fabric wear that can ultimately lead to rips and tears, and the ever common rings around the collar. With that said, all our valued Franklin area clients have come to recognize Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations and our highly skilled team of technicians for our state of the art equipment, our exemplary services and even our very affordable prices.

Statistics will tell us that an average shirt has a life expectancy of approximately 2 years, which is equivalent to about 40 to 50 cycles of laundering, though this number will vary depending upon fiber content, strain on the shirt, and the laundering procedures that are typical to a shirt’s maintenance. These elements can adversely affect a shirt’s overall structure, including, but not limited to, the collar, the cuffs, the sleeves and the body of the shirt.

Our Commitment to Defeating Shirt Laundering Issues

That nasty ring around the collar can be just that – nasty looking and is sure to draw attention away from your overall shirt or even your overall personal appearance. We here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations understand full well that the more a shirt is worn the more likely it is that a ring will develop along the neckband, the collar fold, and even the cuffs of your shirt because of excessive exposure to perspiration, hair tonics, individual body oils, medications, and many other elements as well. With that said, we highly recommend laundering of your shirts after every wear in order to prevent any excess buildup of these elements which will ultimately result in the infamous ‘ring around the collar.’

Further, our technicians are aware of the consistent issue with fade out of colors. The dyes in your multi-colored shirts can easily bleed or result in overall fading if they are not colorfast to washing. However, with our state of the art dry cleaning services we can maintain the wearable condition of your shirts far longer and certainly better than typical at home laundering will do.

Yet another common shirt laundering problem is that of puckers or wrinkles in your collars or shirt cuffs. This happens when the fabrics used in the collars or cuffs are not properly preshrunk. After excessive washings the fabric on the outer collar will become larger than the interfacing fabrics and the end result will be noticeable wrinkles and/or puckers. Because it is difficult to obtain a fresh, smooth surface when wrinkles and puckers are ever present, we strongly suggest dry cleaning your valued shirts with our superior services to avoid this annoying issue.

Yet another concern when laundering your shirts at home is the problem with shrinking shirt fabrics. We all know how terribly uncomfortable a feeling it is to have your shirt fitting too snugly around your neck. With that said, our top of the line executive shirt cleaning services alleviate this problem and help to extend the life expectancy of your professional shirts.

Finally, we are remarkably familiar with the abundant pin holes that can appear within the fabric of your Oxford shirts resulting from the weaving process of the shirt. Excessive at home laundering puts strain on the thin yarns used in the manufacture of Oxford shirts causing tiny pinholes to appear over time. However, engaging the executive shirt services of Jimmy’s Dry Cleaning and Alterations will avoid these pinholes and once again add to the life expectancy of your valued shirts.

Everybody loves to look their best, especially top level executives who are in the limelight each and every day. The professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations are here to take care of all your dry cleaning needs and are sure to deliver executive shirt cleaning services that far exceed those offered by our competition. We are all about our valued Franklin clients and strive to deliver the most superior services that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding of clients. Come on down to our reputable facility and take advantage of our special today. Get 20% off your dry cleaning purchase of $10 or more. We look forward to serving you and send along wishes for a safe, healthy and stylish 2017!

Dry Cleaning Services

Items that Should Be Dry Cleaned – Not Washed

We all have our favorite articles of clothing that we wear over and over again and cherish very much. Surely we want to be certain that we properly care for them at all times. Many types of clothing are better maintained and cared for by dry cleaning rather than washing them at home. Knowing which clothes should not be washed, but rather dry cleaned can be somewhat of a confusing task which is why the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations have put together this helpful list for our valued clients.

Though many clothing articles can be washed and dried at home, here are a few of the items that we suggest you bring to our friendly facility for professional dry cleaning in order to extend the life expectancy of your garments and have them looking like new all over again.

Items that should be Dry Cleaned

If you are like so many other businessmen who wear dress shirts and cotton pants to the office in your efforts to look professionally dressed, it’s important to know that these articles of clothing always look better after they are dry cleaned and pressed professionally. At Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we have all the state of the art equipment needed along with top of the line boilers to give all your business attire that just pressed, wrinkle free professional look. Our dry cleaning services are sure to make you always look your best whether in the office or not.

For those of you who are donned in suits that are both delicate and expensive, then surely you don’t want to be washing or drying these stylish suits in a home washer or dryer. Instead, in order to keep them looking just like new and fitting properly, it is important that you have them dry cleaned regularly which will also afford you a perfect feeling and fit.

Continuing on with our list of dry clean only garments, there are many types of leather and suede garments that can be easily damaged when cleaned at home. These garments should definitely be brought in for dry cleaning since harsh water and soaps can cause the fabric to deteriorate very quickly. Though there are some leathers that can be cleaned at home, it can be difficult to determine which ones fit this scenario. With that said, it makes better sense to err on the side of caution and bring all your leather and suedes to our family facility for dry cleaning and alterations if needed.

Finally, all your garments that have a need to be stored, whether your wedding gown, favorite quilts, Christmas dresses and sweaters, or anything else that will find its way into storage, should all be dry cleaned before being stored away. Dry cleaning before you store them away will keep any stains or excessive dirt from setting in and causing permanent damage to the clothing articles. By dry cleaning before storage you are also ensuring that your garment will be fresh, clean and ready to be worn when you take it out of storage over time.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not a special item or garment should be washed at home or dry cleaned, don’t take a chance of spoiling or damaging it for good. Instead, bring them on down to our family owned, professional facility here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations where we will take whatever steps are necessary to make your garments look much better and last much longer. Don’t forget to take advantage of our special discounts. We look forward to serving you and send along wishes for a happy and healthy New Year from our little family to yours.

Professional Care of your Festive Holiday Wear

Well, surely the Christmas and holiday season is upon us. With that said, it is time for indoor and outdoor decorations, cookie baking, lots of beautiful caroling, and of course, all those elegant and chic Christmas party outfits, from suits and dresses to silk blouses and slacks. Everybody looks forward to shopping for that perfect holiday dress or suit and to making their presence known at the festive gala events. For many people, spending an excessive amount of money on the perfect holiday outfit is every bit a part of Christmas and the holidays as is the gift giving itself.

People spend time, energy and money on putting together the perfect family parties and gatherings. Stylish decorations, Christmas trees and wreaths, food and drinks galore and even the most chic and classy holiday outfits one can only dream about. Looking your best at all the festive gatherings is as much on your mind as is what to buy each family member and friend.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we take tremendous pride in providing superior dry cleaning and alteration services to all our clients. We fully understand how important it is to have your Christmas holiday ensemble fit and look perfect. With that said, our highly skilled and experienced seamstresses are here to provide you with all your holiday alterations and in timelines that meet with the requirements of all our valued clients.

We offer top of the line professional care and services at prices that are every bit attractive as they are affordable and are confident that our every client will find complete satisfaction in not only our friendly and professional staff and our prices, but in our professionalism and our quality workmanship as well. With some of the best professionals in the industry right here in our facility, our family here at Jimmy’s Cleaners is proud of our marketplace presence and of the abundant positive customer reviews and feedback we have received.

Professional Services for your Holiday Attire

If you are in need of alterations for your holiday suit or dress, then rest assured the experts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners will take care of all your needs. Come on into our friendly facility and consult with one of our seamstresses. We will evaluate your needs, take necessary measurements, and in just a matter of days or hours, if need be, we will have your Christmas holiday attire prepped, altered, dry cleaned and ready to go. Surely we will have you looking as perfect as a crisp dollar bill with our top-rated alterations and stitching.

We are also aware that during the holiday season there is much eating, partying and drinking that goes on and typically bits of food and drink find their way onto all those festive, elegant garments. However, during the festivities the last thing anyone is thinking about or concerned about is the slightest stain on their new stylish suit, blouse, dress or slacks, but when the festivities, visiting, partying, and the holidays are over then it’s time to give proper care to your expensive holiday garments.

The festivities are over and it is now time to give attention to the cleanup, the breakdown, and yes, your dry cleaning needs as well. Those unsuspecting stains on that costly, delicate holiday outfit is now a concern of yours and getting it properly cleaned before it’s too late has found its way to the top of your to do list. Well, no need to fret or worry. Simply bring your soiled garments in to our friendly facility and let our expert staff provide you with all the professional care you need. With our top-rated dry cleaning procedures your outfits will look just like new once you trust them to our professional staff. Contact us today for all your holiday alterations and be sure to let us take care of all your ‘after party’ dry cleaning needs as well. We have all the professional care you need right here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations. From our family to yours – have a safe and Merry Christmas and holiday season.

Time to Prep and Pamper That Comfy Summer Wardrobe At Jimmy’s Cleaners Brentwood, Franklin and Spring Hill

Well summertime is here finally and everyone is already enjoying the long summer days and nights filled with delightful activities. The summer months ahead are apt to be a bit challenging with the scorching temperatures known to Brentwood, Franklin and Spring Hill. With summer heat and temperatures comes the need to dress cool and comfortable, and in those warm summer nights bring out that comfy summer wardrobe. At Jimmy’s Cleaners we specialize in the delicate care and treatment of all your summer favorites. Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to providing superior cleaning services for all our Tennessee clients and spend long hours cleaning, treating and pampering your summer wardrobe.
Summer is so filled with vibrant colors all around us and typically summer clothes mirror those very colors and are primarily bright and fun. Taking care of your summer wardrobe can be somewhat challenging despite the fact that the fabric and material of your summer wardrobe is rather minimized. It’s important not to lose the bright, vibrant and bold colors of your summer wardrobe by improper care and treatment. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners we provide all our clients with the knowledge and insight needed to properly care for, maintain and pamper their summer wardrobe.
Watch Out for Damage from Sun Block
It’s true that sunblock should be worn by everyone on those parts of your body that are not covered with clothing during the hot summer months. Though the sunblock is beneficial to protecting your body that is exposed, it can be very harmful to your clothes. There are many dyes and oils contained in sunblock which can stain your clothes and even cause those vibrant, magnificent colors to fade and in some cases to run. Be certain that you rinse your clothes and clean them after wearing them while wearing sunblock. If, however, you end up with stained clothes from the oils or dyes, then rest assured the experts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners are here to take care of those not so attractive stains. Our specialists are highly trained and skilled in the care and maintenance of clothing and are equipped to take care of even the toughest stains.
Wash Your Clothes Often – Don’t Let Dirty Clothes Sit
Summertime with the hot temperatures, sweat and dirt can be quite tasking on your clothes. When you are outdoors playing hard or working hard for that matter, dirt, sweat and even various stains can accumulate on your clothes easily. It is important to wash your clothes before all these elements set into the fabrics. Send them through the wash cycle just as quickly as possible in order to avoid any permanent staining from occurring. If you find that your time is limited in the summer months, then take advantage of our quality, top of the line cleaning services at Jimmy’s Cleaners. We are here to take care of all your clothing needs and are committed to providing our superior services in timelines that are every bit attractive and accommodating to your busy schedules. Take a quick drive over and drop off your clothes and swing back by hours later for a quick and easy pick up.
Say No to Deodorant Build Up
We all know how important it is to wear deodorant and especially in the desperately hot temperatures in the summer months. Though deodorant is both effective and necessary, it can be remarkably harsh on all your summer clothes. Over time deodorant can cause serious discoloration to your clothes and in some instances can even create holes in your clothing. With this in mind, much like the sweat and dirt mentioned above, don’t let your summer clothes pile up and sit around for days with all the deodorant stains in place. This will only allow the stains to set in. Instead, wash them as soon as you possibly can so as to minimize any damage the deodorant can cause. Again, if you find yourself without sufficient time to spend washing your summer wardrobe, then simply drop them off at our Brentwood, Spring Hill or Franklin location and let us take care of all those dirty deodorant stains.
Ugh Summer Insects and Bugs and Yes, Insect Repellant Stains
Nobody is a fan of summer insects and bugs and so we all make certain to engage in the use of bug repellants in order to keep those pesky critters away from us. Without repellant it can be near to impossible to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer months. Many people spray their body parts, but many also choose to spray their clothing with repellants in their efforts to keep the insects away altogether. Though repellants do not contain any active ingredients that are specifically harmful to clothing and fabrics, some of the repellants may have an alcohol content that could damage your summer wardrobe. Be certain when purchasing your repellants that you give a close look at the label before buying it and applying it to both body and clothes. Just a little extra summer advice from our highly dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly team of specialists at Jimmy’s Cleaners.
Gotta Love that Bathing Suit
Everybody who owns a pool or hot tub is fully aware of the importance of using certain chemicals and chlorines for purposes of keeping the water clean, and free of bacteria and algae. These chemicals can be especially harmful to that favorite summer bathing suit. Truly, these chemicals can mean a real disaster for your favorite bathing suits, both guys and dolls.
It is always a pleasure and shear summer delight to go swimming in that gorgeous, huge heated in ground pool or even relax in the comfort of that magnificent hot tub. But while soaking in the bubbles or swimming in the refreshing pool waters, your bathing suit is being challenged and tested to the max. It is important when you get out of the pool or hot tub to take a few quick moments to rinse that favorite piece of your summer wardrobe with cold water. It is also important to pay close attention to the fabrics of your bathing suit and read the label before you set out to fully clean your suit. Many bathing suits will have very detailed and specific care and cleaning instructions that you should adhere to in order to avoid damaging or completely ruining your bathing suit.
At Jimmy’s Cleaners we are equipped with state of the art equipment and cleaning products to maintain and care for your delicate bathing suit. If you are not sure about the care of your summer suit, then rest assured you can count on our top of the line cleaning specialists to care for and pamper your favorite summer suit for you. Again, you can drop it off at any one of our locations, Franklin, Spring Hill or Brentwood, TN and leave the cleaning and pampering to us.


If you don’t have the time needed to properly care for that stylish, appealing and maybe even rather expensive summer wardrobe of yours, then come on over to Jimmy’s Cleaners and know your summer wardrobe is in the hands of some of the best cleaning specialists in the industry. Dry cleaning is truly gentler on your clothing that machine washing and is a sure fire way of prolonging the life expectancy of that precious summer wardrobe. What are you waiting for? Drop it off, let us do our thing, and come on back in a few short hours to pick up and wear it all over again. Jimmy’s Cleaners – your home away from home for all your clothing and cleaning needs.

Clean and Preserve Your Wedding Gown at Jimmy’s Cleaners, Franklin

Planning your wedding is not only remarkably thrilling and emotional, but can be every bit challenging and costly as well.  From the wedding hall, photographer, DJ, and dinner choices, to the flowers, church and yes, that all-important, one of a kind, seriously stunning wedding dress, the planning and details are endless.  Your wedding dress is the eye catching, widely talked about, piece of your wedding that will forever be remembered by not only you and your charming husband, but by many of your wedding guests as well.
So much thought, attention, time, effort and money goes into your wedding dress which is why we at Jimmy’s Cleaners are proud of our extraordinary, professional services we offer to all the happy brides who can’t help but think about the day their very own daughter may wear their cherished wedding gown.  To all you Franklin brides, you can certainly clean and preserve your wedding gown at our highly reputable cleaners and keep it looking just like new until it can be worn and cherished by the next generation of family brides.  

Professional and State of the Art

At Jimmy’s Cleaners we use only state of the art equipment and products for the cleaning of all our customers’ valued articles of clothing.  Our experienced team of cleaning specialists is committed and dedicated to providing the most top of the line cleaning services to all our Franklin customers, and indeed to all our Franklin brides.  Having earned ourselves a spot at the top of the local charts as one of the best all round cleaning services in Franklin, we at Jimmy’s Cleaners remain steadfast in maintaining our highly visible market presence by providing superior services that are truly unmatched.   Our friendly staff here at Jimmy’s Cleaners strive to deliver cleaning services that are every bit affordable as they are professional – services that keep our clients coming back time and time again.  All of our professional dry cleaning specialists have been trained in all areas of dry cleaning, customer communications and customer service as well.  
Our Mission Statement
At Jimmy’s Cleaners we fully understand how precious and valued your wedding gown is and are committed to providing all our new brides with superior cleaning services.  If you are one of the many brides who seeks to clean and preserve your wedding gown, then look no further than the leading edge cleaning and preservation services offered by the professional experts at Jimmy’s Cleaners.
After the Wedding Ceremony
No matter how cautious you may have been on your spectacular wedding day or how clean your wedding dress may look when the wedding ceremony is over, rest assured that there are invisible spills and perhaps even body oils and sweat that can cause some pretty devastating damage to your priceless dress.   At Jimmy’s Cleaners, however, you need not worry about any spots, oils, or sweat.  We fully understand that your wedding day is a once in your lifetime loving celebration.  We hope that you truly enjoyed every moment of your special day.  Whether you found yourself stepping out on your long beautiful train, of you may have spilled some delightful champagne on your dress, tuck your worries away and let our professional experts clean your wedding dress with the most gentle, delicate and personalized care imaginable.  Our experts will examine and evaluate your wedding dress to determine the best possible cleaning techniques that are suited to your dress.  We will take into consideration not only the stains and dirt that is left behind on the dress, but also the material of the dress, the sensitive details and embroideries, and the quality of the workmanship that went into the design and creation of your wedding gown up front.
Our specialists will inspect your wedding gown from top to bottom to ensure that we find and mark every spot or blemish that is present and that we properly treat each and every one of them.  At Jimmy’s Cleaners we hand clean your wedding dress giving much attention to all the areas of concern.  We then rinse your dress out with very high quality, organic solutions that protect the overall appearance and delicate details of your dress for years and years. 
Preserving that Once in a Lifetime Wedding Gown
Once our specialists have cleaned your valued wedding gown, then we will take sensitive steps to preserve your dress for generations to come.  We will preserve your wedding gown in acid free paper and place it in an acid free dress chest as well.  All of our papers and dress chests are of the highest quality and standards and will preserve and protect your dress for years to come.  We take tremendous pride in our leading edge preservation process and have been awarded time and time again for both our performance and our excellence.
Our Franklin clients can be sure that when you clean and preserve your wedding gown with the innovative, state of the art procedures used by our specialists at Jimmy’s Cleaners you are getting top of the line services that are simply unmatched in the industry.  Our entire staff dedicates time and efforts to providing not only our spectacular wedding gown cleaning and preservation services, but typical dry cleaning services that are needed by clients day to day.  Our services are many and include uniforms, shirt laundry, leather, suede, linens, draperies, and prom dresses as well.  We are proud of our customer service rating and the many positive customer reviews and feedback we have received over the years with regard to our extraordinary services, prices, procedures, and friendly, professional staff.

If you are in the market for top rated dry cleaning services, then look no further than the award-winning team of cleaning specialists at Jimmy’s Cleaners servicing Franklin, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station and Brentwood.  We are sure to provide you with all the services you need at prices that you will come to love.  We offer free pickup and delivery as well.  Contact us today and take advantage of our spectacular special savings that includes 20% off cleaning and $1.85 laundered shirts.  Jimmy’s Cleaners – where making our clients feel better and look better is what we are all about.