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The list of tasks we have every day is never ending. Surely you have far more important things to do than worry about getting your clothes dry cleaned. Whether a savvy businessman or a casual individual, the care and maintenance of your clothes are important to you. Well then, trusting the top rated Brentwood dry cleaning services afforded by Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations is the perfect solution for you. Clean suits, sparkling shirts, stain treated ties, and freshly pressed casual attire are just some of the services we provide.

Jimmy’s Cleaners, with our five convenient locations, proudly serves the Spring Hill, Brentwood and Franklin areas with our quality dry cleaning services. Our highly trained and experienced staff is ready to serve you with all your cleaning and alteration needs. We pride ourselves on our extraordinary Brentwood dry cleaning and alteration services and our convenient pickup and delivery services (home or business) we have been offering for well over a decade.

It’s easy to understand the many demands that are made on your time and life. Travel plans often get in the way of simple tasks which is why we afford our convenient pickup and delivery services. We offer same day service for your professional attire as well. With all the perks that come along with it, our fast pickup and delivery service is finding much favor with all our Brentwood, Franklin and Spring Hill professionals.

But let’s not forget about the hardworking guys and gals outside of the executive world. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we provide the same top of the line Brentwood dry cleaning services with the same touch of class. Whether you wear a suit, dress, button down and khakis or a uniform, rest assured we can handle it all. A family owned business that understands the true value of family, we pamper our every customer. We certainly enjoy the many customer relationships we have developed over the years.

Our Customers trust us to keep their clothes looking great!

Here’s a recent Review from a customer on Facebook
I am posting to give my highest recommendation to Jimmy’s cleaners. Luanne Story went above and beyond the call of duty. I was matron of honor my best friend’s wedding over the 4th of July holiday weekend and amid the 3 day event I forgot to get my dress! I cried for 2 hours straight then I found her number online and left a frantic message on the Fourth of July. Not only did Luanne call me back it she opened the store on a holiday to make sure I could be a part of my friend’s special day!

Thank You to Luanne and Jimmy’s Cleaner of Brentwood for making my customer experience amazing! You’re the best! – Kristen

Another Customer Review from Facebook:
Jimmy’s Cleaners not only does a wonderful job and takes good care of dry clean only items, but they are also a generous and mission-minded company! Thank you Jimmy & company! – Jamie

Simple as it may sound, regardless of executive or casual attire, ensuring the proper maintenance of your garments is an absolute must do. Come on down to our spectacular Brentwood facility. Better yet, why not take advantage of our trusty pickup and delivery service. While you’re at it, take advantage of our special discounts too. From 20% off your dry cleaning to $1.85 laundered shirts, we offer discounts that can’t be beat.

Yes, life is fast paced and hectic whether in Franklin, Spring Hill, Brentwood or any of the surrounding towns. Tasks and challenges are many. But when it comes to the proper care and maintenance of your clothes, there’s no need to worry. Reach out to the pros here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations today. From business to casual and everything in between, you can always count on us!!

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Franklin Wedding Gown Preservation Services

So the wedding is over, the dress has suffered a few unsuspecting stains, and you’re just not certain what to do. Well, don’t fret! Your precious wedding dress that was the eye catching, widely talked about, piece of your wedding that will forever be remembered by everyone can be safely cleaned and preserved with our specialized Franklin Wedding Gown Preservation Services here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations.

We are located right in the heart of Franklin, TN at 188 Front St #100, and offer customers our professional services Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm and Saturdays from 9-5. Recognized throughout the Franklin region for our extraordinary Franklin Wedding Gown Preservation Services as well as our other dry cleaning services, our affordable prices, and our many customer discounts, we delight in our expansive our abundant positive customer reviews and our 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Having earned ourselves a spot at the top of the local charts as one of the best all round dry cleaning service providers in Franklin and the surrounding areas, we at Jimmy’s Cleaners remain steadfast in maintaining our highly visible industry presence with our many quality services, which includes our highly favored Franklin Wedding Gown Preservation Services. It is our superior dry cleaning services, professional teams, prices, special discounts and our convenient drop off and pick up services that keep our Franklin clients coming back time and time again.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. Enjoy the moments and the memories and when the celebration comes to an end, put your wedding gown into the trusting hands of the specialists here at Jimmy’s Cleaners who have been awarded time and time again for both our top-rated performance and our excellence. We will preserve your wedding gown in acid free paper and place it in an acid free dress chest that will keep it fresh and like new for generations to come.

Why not take advantage of our popular Franklin Wedding Gown Preservation Services today. And don’t forget our free pick-up and delivery services as well as our special discount savings that include 20% off cleaning and $1.85 laundered shirts for all your other dry cleaning and alteration needs. Come visit us at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations – where making our clients feel better and look better is what we are all about each day, every day!!

Cleaning and Prepping your Fall Wardrobe for the School Year Ahead

Opening day at school has begun for most of us here in Tennessee, which means it’s time to prepare for the long school year ahead. Maintaining your Fall wardrobe and school clothes is important to keep them in good shape all year long. Taking care of your new school clothes, whether you are a teacher, student, the principal or a coach, is important in many aspects, especially because new clothes are pricey. From jeans and tee shirts to khaki pants and sweaters maintaining your fall wardrobe is every bit as important as doing your homework since feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes allows you to focus more on your learning and less on your self-image.

When summer comes to an end it goes without saying how important it is to properly store away your summer clothes and pull out your Fall wardrobe getting it ready to wear. Cleaning and prepping your wardrobe is vital to the start of your school year. Typically, students have little to no regard about storing summer clothes since most dread seeing the end of the summer come to a close and the start of the school year beginning.

Storing your Summer Clothes

When cleaning and prepping your wardrobe for storage it is imperative that you make certain all articles of clothing are thoroughly cleaned before you put them into any type of storage. Why, you may ask. To begin with, any stains that are present on your clothing items will yellow drastically over time and soils that are embedded in fabrics can actually attract insects when put in storage and ultimately result in holes in your garments. By cleaning your clothes thoroughly you ensure that soils are no longer present and that there are no stains that can yellow while in storage.

Linens and silks are very prone to invisible stains so make certain that they are cleaned and have not been worn before you pack them away. The folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations recommend that, since silks are so sensitive and delicate, you have them dry cleaned before packing them away so as to protect the garments and extend their life expectancy.

We also want our clients to understand the importance of storing their summer garments in appropriate containers. Many people feel that the plastic bags used for dry cleaning are suitable for summer storage. But this is not the case at all since they many times contain lubricants and are capable of trapping air inside the bags along with the garments. As a matter of fact, plastic bags in general are not suitable for storage because over time they can contribute to the formation of mildew on your stored garments.

Proper Storage of your Summer Garments

Once your summer clothes are all cleaned and dry cleaned as necessary, it is best to store your clean clothing in cardboard boxes in a dark, dry space like those cardboard storage boxes that fit easily under a bed. When storing clothes it is important to make certain there is no sunlight or even artificial light coming in direct contact of the clothes since this can cause color fading over time. In addition, make certain that you do not store your clothing in a damp or moist space since this can create mold and mildew smells which will be near to impossible to remove when you take the clothes out of storage.

Freshen up Your Fall Wardrobe

You more than likely stored away your sweaters, coats, heavier pants, and wool garments at the end of the fall and winter season last year. These items can present with musty smells when you first take them out of storage. Sweaters can become flattened when in storage, and some garments may have small holes as a result of insects or even present with fading. Once you have examined your fall wardrobe and have determined which garments are suitable to wear, make certain you take a couple of simple steps to freshen them up before wearing. Cleaning and prepping your wardrobe for the fall school months ahead will help you feel confident in your clothes and allow you to give greater focus to your learning and your studies.

Having your fall garments professionally cleaned will certainly rejuvenate them and give them that just like new appearance. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we are equipped to take care of all your dry cleaning needs, stain treatments and perform any mending or alterations that may be needed. In addition, we can get all your stored boots, leather jackets, scarves, coats and rainwear right back into fall fashion.

Yes, summer is coming to a close and school session is around the corner, so why not take advantage of our convenient pickup and delivery services as well as our weekly discounts here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations. Get your fall wardrobe freshened up and looking like new for the exciting school year ahead. We look forward to serving you and to being an important part of cleaning and prepping your wardrobe, whether winter, spring, summer or fall.

Dry Cleaning Services

Save Time and Money with Our Top-Rated Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Services

Just how busy and hectic is your life here in Franklin? At Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we want to be able to simplify the lives of our valued clients even just a wee bit and save them precious time by offering our free dry cleaning pickup and delivery services. Though it may sound like such a simple little thing, if you think about it and take a moment to figure out the amount of time you actually spend traveling back and forth to our cleaners to drop off your laundry and garments and then traveling back to our facility to pick it all up each month you can certainly appreciate the benefits of our quality, top of the line pickup and delivery services.  All you need to do is give a shout out to our teams and let us know that you need to schedule a pickup either at home or at the office and we will dispatch a driver out to your location in no time at all.

There are a few benefits to our top-rated services with the most obvious being that of convenience. However, there are certainly a few more reasons why our valued clients rave about the pickup and delivery services we offer. Picking up and delivering a customer’s laundry is one of the most effective and efficient ways we have of providing high quality service to our clients at prices that are more than competitive. In addition, we here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations are all about helping others. We fully understand the demands that are made on people every day, whether with family, work, or abundant other tasks and appointments. With that said, we feel that our pickup and delivery services can help free up quality time for all our Franklin clients that can otherwise be used on more important things than simply dropping off or picking up their dry cleaning.

Our drivers are not only highly professional but friendly as well and look forward to each and every opportunity to help make the lives of our valued clients that much easier and less hectic. With our top of the line laundry machines and our highly proficient and skilled staff you can be sure that you will receive the utmost in customer service and satisfaction. We offer special weekly discounts and encourage all our clients to take advantage of each and every one of them. In addition, we are committed and dedicated to providing quality products and services that will simply not be matched by our competitors and we do it all at very affordable prices.

Having earned ourselves a spot at the top of the charts as one of the best all round dry cleaning and alterations facilities in all of Franklin, we are determined to maintain that very presence in the marketplace and continue to provide our valued clients with superior products and services in attractive turnaround times at very competitive prices. So the next time you need your shirts, pants, dresses, suits, drapes, curtains, rugs or any other garments, fabrics or materials cleaned, or if you are in need of any type of alterations or even clothing preservation, including wedding gowns, save time and money by giving a call out to the friendly staff here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations and schedule our free dry cleaning pickup and delivery services. You are sure to be delighted with our services, our friendly staff, our quick turnaround times, and certainly our affordable prices. And don’t forget to take advantage of our special weekly discounts. You’ll be more than glad you did, and so will we!!

Washing Delicate Clothing in Your Washer with Easy to Use Mesh Bags

We all have those special articles of clothing that we favor over all others and surely we all have our fair share of delicate garments that need tending to and proper care and maintenance. Washing your delicate articles of clothing in your washing machine can be quite challenging and risky. Often delicates that are tossed into a washing machine come out with snags, holes and even tears, which is why so many delicate garments have tags that recommend they be hand washed so as to avoid any damage.

Though hand washing is an ideal solution to washing your delicates the use of a mesh bag can afford consumers a practical and very simple option, though not full proof, for washing all your delicates.   A mesh bag protects the garments from the rigorous spinning and agitation of a washing machine, while reducing any risk of damage. Further the use of a mesh bag adds to the life expectancy of your delicate clothing articles and surely makes them last a whole lot longer.

You may ask how and why mesh bags can be so effective. The answer is simple. Mesh bags create a bit of a barrier between your delicate garments, reduce friction, and provide an extra guard against snagging that can often occur from buttons, hooks and other articles of clothing as well. Placing only one or two delicate articles of clothing into a mesh bag is highly recommended so as to allow sufficient water flow that presents with the same cleaning effect as if the garments were being washed loosely in the washing machine. As an added note, using mesh bags will also reduce the amount of pilling on your sweaters and other synthetics as well.

Further, you can use the mesh bags to separate clothing items that need be laid flat to dry or those that need to be hung out to dry and you can even use these mesh bags to wash sneakers, slippers, and other types of cloth or canvas footwear.

There are other benefits to using mesh bags as well, especially if you are using a front load washing machine. Often times smaller items such as socks or even miscellaneous articles or debris within your pockets can get trapped inside of the washing machine’s agitator, pump or other hard to reach areas of the washer.   When this happens, it is very difficult to remove the trapped items and typically require a professional to come in and resolve the problem and get your washing machine back to its full functioning capacity. Mesh bags can save you from having to schedule the costly repairs when you place any smaller items for washing into the mesh bag first.   When placed in the mesh bags these smaller items cannot find their way to difficult, hard to reach parts of the washing machine that end up requiring you to call a qualified technician to resolve the jam.

Though hand washing and mesh bags can be ideal solutions to maintaining and caring for your delicate clothing items, many people find dry cleaning to be a more practical, effective and safe way of maintaining their delicate clothing pieces. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we strongly suggest you take advantage of our superior dry cleaning services for all your delicate clothing items. We offer wash and fold services as well as free pickup and delivery and are confident that all our clients will find complete satisfaction in our top of the line services, our highly skilled technicians, our attractive turnaround times and even our affordable prices and special discounts.

With so little time in a day, why not let the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations take care of all your laundry needs so you can use your valuable time in the course of each day for far more important things than cleaning and maintaining your laundry. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you and to making a difference in the care and maintenance of all your garments and that surely includes those cherished, favored delicates as well.

When To Dry Clean Your Business Suit

Most of us know that dry cleaning is by far the best method for removing any type of stain from a business suit. Though men will bring their suit to the dry cleaners when they have stained it, they are uncertain how often they should simply have their business suit dry cleaned. Knowing when it is time to dry clean your business suit is quite easy. We here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations understand full well that a man’s dress suit is one of the most expensive garments a man will add to his wardrobe which is why we want to share some insight on dry cleaning your business suit. It doesn’t matter whether your suit is purchased off the rack or is a customized specially designed and tailored suit, at some point you will need to dry clean your business suit.

Though there is no exact formula that tells a man when it’s time to dry clean his suit, a typical rule of thumb would be to have your suit dry cleaned when all else fails. For instance, airing out your suit is not removing those pesky odors, spot cleaning is not taking care of those annoying stains, or brushing is not removing that noticeable dirt. When all else fails, then typically it’s time to have your suit professionally dry cleaned.

If you are constantly wearing your suit as opposed to rarely wearing it, then it makes perfect sense that you will need to dry clean it more frequently, but as a rule of thumb you should dry clean your suit as little as possible. You may ask why. The answer is simple. The powerful solution, Perchloroethylene, often referred to as Perc, can strip the wool fibers in your suit of their natural oils which, over time, can cause the fibers to become brittle and cause your suit to become worn well before its time. For this reason, the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to take this time to apprise all our valued clients on how to care for their suits between their dry cleaning visits to our reputable and award winning facility.


In between those trips to the dry cleaners we highly recommend our many clients abide by the following tips to ensure the best possible care for your business suit.

Begin by rotating the wear of your suits. You do not want to wear the same suit over and over again since doing so will cause it to start looking quite worn out over time. Rotate your suits and get more life expectancy from all of them.

Next, if your suit becomes wrinkled, invest in a steam cleaner to remove those wrinkles before wearing your suit. Setting the steam on the cleaner to a very low setting will ensure that you will remove the wrinkles, but not cause damage to the suit and still have your site looking freshly pressed by the dry cleaners without anybody knowing otherwise.

Be certain to allow your suit to hang on a wood hanger for a couple of days following wear of the suit. This will allow the material of your suit to recover and allow any wrinkles to drape out in between each wear. As an added note, be certain that there is nothing in any of your pockets since this can cause bizarre shapes or creases in your suit.

Be certain to brush away particles of dirt or food that may have fallen onto your suit during wear. When brushing, be certain to brush against the grain of your suit’s cloth and use only quick, short brushing strokes. Then perform a full pass over with the nap as well.

Finally, we strongly suggest that you keep your suit covered as much as possible. Using a cloth cover will allow air to circulate through the suit, even when stored, and keep it looking fresh and clean.

We hope you will utilize these steps to ensure the fresh, crisp look of your suit in between dry cleanings and look to the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations when it’s time to dry clean your business suit. We look forward to every opportunity to serve you and want to remind you to take advantage of our convenient pick up and drop off services for all your dry cleaning needs and don’t forget our weekly specials as well.

The Importance of Cleaning your Bedspreads, Comforters and Draperies

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we fully understand that creating the perfect ambiance and grace in your home’s living space was a well thought out plan that took a great deal of time and money. Whether you are the person who chooses to have their home furnishings custom made or you have chosen off the shelf furnishings from your favorite store, the fact is that all household items such as bedspreads and draperies should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice per year in order to extend their life expectancy and keep them looking fresh and new. That is where the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations come in.


Our team of experts has restored abundant draperies for our valued clients. Rendering proper professional care, draperies of nearly every type of fabric typically have a life expectancy of three to five years. When you bring your draperies into our dry cleaners we first take ample time to examine them carefully and evaluate them to determine what type of conditions they were exposed to in your home before we can undertake appropriate cleaning procedures.

As we all know, sunlight can easily weaken and discolor the fabrics on your draperies and exposure to moisture and excessive humidity from rain, leaks, or window condensation can cause dye bleeding in draperies that can sometimes be near to impossible to remove. Further, draperies with insulated backings may become degraded and the coatings come off while the combined effects of light, smoke, heat, moisture and any other types of soils can actually cause your draperies to become discolored permanently.

Once we examine your draperies and discover our concerns, we will discuss them with our clients and the possible results that may occur after dry cleaning. Though we take the greatest precautions, there are times when existing damage becomes evident and unable to remove or repair. For this reason, we ask for customer consent prior to undertaking any specific dry cleaning services that may be requested.


More often than not people will bring their bedspreads and comforters to their dry cleaners simply because of their size. However, there are many customers who bring their bedspreads and comforters to us because the label on them reads ‘professional care is best.’ When dry cleaning your bedspreads and comforters we strongly suggest you have all the matching and coordinating linen items cleaned at the same time. By doing so you ensure that any color changes, though they would be minimal at best, are uniform. When our technicians receive bedspreads, comforters and their accessories they double check all information that is available with regard to care instructions and give close attention to the type and construction of the fabric. Once they are comfortable with their examination and confident about cleaning procedures they will begin our top of the line cleaning process.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we are dedicated to helping all our valued clients maintain the health and beauty of their bedspreads, comforters and draperies. Having earned ourselves a spot at the top of the charts in both the industry and the marketplace, we remain steadfast in providing services that are truly unmatched by any of our competitors. In addition, we continue to afford all our clients weekly specials and discounts that can be applied to their services and a convenient pickup and drop off service for all those clients who simply haven’t the time to journey on down to our friendly facility. We want to make every effort to make your cleaning experience a positive one and indeed an affordable one. For more information about our team, our services, our prices and our discounts take a peek at our website and don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and professional team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations today for all your dry cleaning and alteration needs!!

The Importance of Classification Procedures and Professional Dry Cleaning Services

At Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we know how valuable all your cherished garments and fabrics are. We understand that when our clients bring their clothing or other items to our facility they are entrusting their belongings to our professional teams and services which is why we are so committed and dedicated to providing top of the line professional services that will simply not be matched. Our dry cleaning services are truly top notch because of the level of expertise and knowledge our teams share, not to mention our affordable prices, convenient drop off and pick up services and our attractive turnaround times.

Protecting your garments means a whole lot of things to our professional teams from using proper solvent and detergent levels, appropriate wash times, and load factors to filtration, fabric finishes and efficient stain and soil removal. All of these elements play an important role in the dry cleaning process of your garments and items. However, another very important part of our professional dry cleaning process is that of garment ‘classification,’ separating your garments and items by colors, fabrics, textures and cleaning needs. Properly separating your garments helps to prevent dye transfer and redeposition, as well as streaking that causes damage to garments and belongings.

Garment classification is essential to ensuring the safety of fabrics and to the proper removal of maximum soil. Because of the many different types of fabrics, fibers and dyes, it is important to separate the items accordingly since all fabrics do not require nor can withstand the same levels and types of dry cleaning processes. Classification is therefore necessary to ensure fabric safety first and foremost and then the removal of soil and dirt secondly.

Some of the most common classifications of garments and items include heavy weight dark colors, heavy weight light colors, light weight dark colors, light weight light colors, and garments that can fade easily. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we take this all-important first step of classification seriously and spend ample time determining fabric weight, color and dye factors so as to avoid any damage to your cherished garments.

In our classification we make certain to separate items by color, specifically keeping light colored garments and white garments separate from all dark colored garments since this simple process helps to prevent discoloration. We separate garments by their weight because lighter garments cannot necessarily withstand the same wash times as heavier garments and certainly those garments that are heavily soiled are cleaned entirely separate from all other garment classifications.

Further separation or classification would involve garments made of lace or delicate fabrics, those with fancy trim or sequins and various types of household items, such as window treatments. Whatever your garment makeup and fabric is, you need not worry when trusting your items to our professional teams. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we are proud of our overall classification procedures and the professional teams we employ. Our procedures provide the highest levels of classification and the most effective and efficient cleaning results.

For many people, dry cleaning is the ideal solution for many of their garment needs and surely the professionalism and expertise of our highly skilled and trained technicians affords our clients the peace of mind needed to know that their cherished belongings are in the hands of some of the industry’s absolute best.

For all your dry cleaning needs, reach out to Nashville’s best today – Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations, and don’t forget to check out our special discounts and take advantage of our convenient drop off and pick up services as well.

Time to Spring Clean All those Dirty Drapes and Curtains

Spring is here and yes, it is that time of year again. Time to get yourself in gear and start all that spring season cleaning. Homeowners across the globe partake in spring and fall cleaning and surely your professional dry cleaners plays an important role in all those tasks. It is not only healthy and practical, but also safe to have your drapes and curtains cleaned each spring and fall, which is why most Franklin homeowners rely upon the top-rated services we offer here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations.

Do you ever wonder why drapes and curtains get so dirty? Well, when your windows are open, your window treatments can absorb moisture from the outside air. A cool spring or fall breeze blows dust and dirt into your windows which ultimately finds its way onto your window treatments. You may think, well, I don’t open my windows all the time, but still my drapes and curtains get so dirty. The truth is that even when you close your windows tiny particles of dust and dirt are still able to make their way into your home. Further, though your windows may be closed, if you have furry family pets, then rest assured their flyaway fur gets trapped on the bottom or your drapes and curtains. And how about this one, when you vacuum your home for the sake of keeping it clean, your vacuum tends to kick up a good deal of dust that also ends up settling on your window treatments.

With all that said, the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to remind you that when spring arrives and fall as well, we highly recommend to all our valued Franklin clients that you have your drapes and curtains professionally cleaned. Take advantage of our convenient pickup and drop off service if you find you haven’t enough hours in the day to get down to our cleaners, and we will gladly come pick up your window treatments, clean, mend and iron them, and then give a shout out to you when we are on our way back with your freshly cleaned and maintained drapes and curtains.

When you choose to have your drapes and curtains dry cleaned seasonally by our professional drapery cleaning services we offer here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations, you are enhancing the lifespan of the fabrics. Further, since your drapes can trap an abundant amount of pollen, mold, allergens and other pollutants that can minimize the air quality in your home, professionally cleaning them regularly will help to maintain healthy air quality in your home that contributes to the overall health and well-being of your family.

Dry cleaning your window treatments will keep them looking fresh and new and will continue to enhance the desired décor of your room. By maintaining the texture and color of your fabrics you can continue to enjoy your home’s interior design without having dirty drapes or curtains compromise your living space.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we make certain that all of our Franklin clients are aware that by professionally cleaning their window treatments regularly they are also able to reduce or minimize the buildup of dust mites, pet hairs, and even dander that finds its way into the window treatments and complicates the health of family members who suffer with allergies or even asthma.

Spring is truly upon us so the time is now to have your drapes and curtains properly cleaned and maintained by the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations. Come on down to our friendly facility or give a call out to our convenient pickup/drop off service today and don’t forget to check out our weekly discounts and specials. We are here to provide you with all your dry cleaning and alteration needs and look forward to our every opportunity to serve you.

The Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning garments that are made of natural fibers, wool and silk is necessary since these very materials will most assuredly shrink, lose color and distort when washed in water, thereby minimizing the life expectancy of your beautiful favorite garments. Synthetic fibers as well, such as polyester respond very well to professional dry cleaning since they can easily retain oil stains after washing with water. There are many materials and fabrics that fare much better with dry cleaning than typical water washing and the benefits of dry cleaning are many.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

To begin with, dry cleaning is remarkably convenient. You simply drop your clothes off and pick them up when they are ready or you can even utilize the handy drop-off and pick-up service we offer here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations. Why would anyone want to waste so much time washing, drying, ironing and folding their clothes when our friendly professionals can take care of it all?

The dry cleaning process itself uses varied fluids to remove stains from various fabrics. It is able to dissolve oils and grease in a unique process that water simply cannot do and certainly returns your favorite garments to a crisp, new condition while preventing any shrinkage, change of finish, or loss of color.   The finishing process that dry cleaning affords with its specialized pressing equipment, gives garments a crisp, new-like, wrinkle free appearance that simply cannot be matched.

Continuing on with the benefits of professional dry cleaning is the unique fact that dry cleaners know all about the fabrics. Whether rayon, cotton, polyester, wool, or silk, our professionals have the expertise and know how to handle all the cleaning needs of these sensitive, delicate fabrics. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we process shirts, cotton pants, dresses, formal wear, household items such as pillows, drapes, comforters and rugs, as well as all sorts of other fabrics and items. Regardless of what your cleaning needs are or what items you may have, rest assured we can handle them all.

Even if you have suffered fire or water damage, our professionals provide odor removal services for flood and fire damaged items. We use specialized processes to eliminate the odors and release oxygen in order to return your items to their pre-damaged state.

We also specialize in the restoration and preservation of wedding gowns, family heirlooms, baptismal gowns and other sentimental pieces as well. Our restoration specialists have all the know how needed to restore delicate and sensitive items and our preservation services help prolong the life expectancy of your garments for years and years, thus allowing us to not only preserve your garment, but preserve the memory of the special event as well.

With our additional cleaning services, such as stain removals, and the damaging yellow that is left behind, as well as our abundant alteration services we afford, the team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations is your absolute go to team for all your dry cleaning and alteration needs. We offer a variety of discounts and again, our convenient drop-off and pick-up services as well, which serve to define the quality of our services and teams. We also provide an exceptional value to all our valued clients through our quality work, our superior customer service, our accommodating timelines and our very affordable prices and discounts. With all these little extras we afford, our clients can then dedicate time to doing more important things than washing, drying, ironing, and folding their laundry and dry cleaning items.

If you find you haven’t enough hours in your everyday and are looking for a fast and effective, yet affordable way to take care of all your garment needs, then surely you have come to the right place. At Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations our customers come first. Take advantage of our superior professional dry cleaning services, our drop off service and our special discounts today and then go ahead and take care of all those other tasks on your daily to do list today!