Prevent Insect Damage to Your Clothing


It’s time to put away our favorite warm weather clothes to make way for spring & summer wear. That means it’s also time to safeguard our favorite garments against insect damage during storage. Garments that have been stored for a long time are particularly prone to insect damage. Unfortunately, the holes may not be readily apparent until after cleaning.

Moth damage is commonly seen on wool fabrics, but beetles, silverfish, roaches, and other insects feed on stains and sizings on fabrics made of other fibers. The type of fabric or food substance insects are attracted to determines whether the damage they cause is direct or indirect.

Direct damage occurs when insects such as webbing cloth moths, casemaking cloth moths, and sometimes termites, feed directly on the fabric. This group of insects attacks wool, mohair, natural bristles, fur, feathers, and down. They also damage blended fibers such as wool/polyester – dispelling the notion that the use of synthetic fibers immunizes the fabrics against insect damage.

Indirect damage occurs when insects such as silverfish, beetles, and roaches feed on leftover food, perspiration, beverage spills, and starch on the fabric. For this reason, any stains, especially food and beverage residue, should be removed from a garment before it is stored. It is important to be sure to thoroughly clean garments before storage. Cleaning discourages insects from making their home in your garments. Although most forms of moth life are destroyed by drycleaning solvents during cleaning, moth larvae can attack fabrics once the solvent evaporates.

Employing the use of and using mothballs, cedar chests, cedar blocks, and cedar chips can help prevent insect damage. The odor of mothballs may repel larvae and insects if the area of use is enclosed, thus ensuring a high concentration of odor. Suspend the mothballs above the garments; do not place them directly on the garments. The scent of cedar chests or chips repels insects, but it is the air tightness of the chest that protects the garments from insect damage.

One problem with using mothballs is the lingering odor after the garments are removed from storage. Try hanging the garments outside for several days after removal from storage. If hanging outside doesn’t  remove the odor, Jimmy’s can help!

Helping you keep your garments healthy and beautiful is our passion. Remember, with five locations near you and a convenient pick up and drop off service, Jimmy’s Cleaners makes keeping your wardrobe in tip-top shape a breeze! To schedule a pickup, call (615) 599-3605.

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Dry Cleaning Bags: Can They Really Harm My Clothes?

“I’m a busy professional with a wardrobe which requires regular dry cleaning. One of my favorite things about dry cleaning is being able to slip my newly cleaned garments, fresh in the bag, into the closet. I love the organized look the bags give my wardrobe, plus, they keep my clothes (which are a major investment) fresh, crisp and free from dust until I’m ready to wear them again – which is especially helpful if I won’t be wearing them for a while. I’ve recently heard that dry cleaners recommend discarding the bags after getting my garments home. Is this true?“
Alas, it is true. Plastic bags from the dry cleaner are placed on the clothes at cleaner’s facilities for protection ONLY until they are safely transported to the customer’s home. You may keep the paper covers (from your dry cleaner) on the garments if you want to keep dust off the garment while being stored without fear of damage, but the plastic bags need to go.

There is good reason for this recommendation. At Jimmy’s Cleaners we care about protecting the quality and lifespan of your special garments. Plastic dry cleaning bags collect humidity from the sun, a room or your closet. That humidity can encourage the growth of mold, and in certain fine fabrics (or colored fabrics) the plastic in the bag can leach colors off the garment. As we are approach the most humid months of the year, our closets are especially vulnerable.

Leaving freshly dry cleaned laundry in the plastic dry cleaner bag can also cause them to yellow. BHT (butylated hydroxyl tolune), an anti-oxidant in the plastic bag, is the cause of that yellowing. When BHT comes in contact with moisture and impurities in the air it forms a yellow pigment that transfers to your fabric.
Your garments need to breathe to remain in good shape. Clothes should be taken out of the bag and placed in the closet, or into cotton garment covers or zippered bags if you need protection for them. While many stores offer clear bags manufactured for garment storage, these become brittle over time, which can lead to damage and staining. Additionally, as discussed earlier they do not allow your garments to breathe, which is optimal in safeguarding the health of your wardrobe.

Special occasion garments, like wedding & christening gowns, and pieces of historical significance, require more specialized care. These items must be treated with museum-quality care. After items have been cleaned, Jimmy’s Cleaners can dress your garment with acid free paper in the sleeves and acid-free preservation boxes for storage.

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Don’t Forget the Dry Cleaning: Caring for Your Seasonal Wardrobe

What time is it? Time to pack up the those thick, heavy, wintry wearables to make way for our sunny day favorites again! As we venture deeper into spring, most of us will be rotating our seasonal wardrobe items out of the closet and into storage. That means it’s TLC and maintenance time, especially for our winter coats and woolen items.

Your wardrobe is an investment. That’s why it’s important to launder or dry clean your off season clothes before you store them.  If you want to maintain your wardrobe in tip top shape, clean everything before you put them away for the off season.  You’ll be totally prepared when that sudden cold snap appears and you want to put on your favorite sweater!

Normal time between wearing and a trip to the dry cleaner doesn’t generally hurt your clothes. But storing your off-season clothing for a matter of months is another issue altogether. This amount of time allows the oils from your skin and previously hidden stains to settle into the material that even your dry cleaner can’t remove. So if you’ve worn it even once, cleaning it before storing it for the season is highly recommended.

While you’re at it, examine all your seasonal wardrobe for loose or missing buttons, damaged zippers and other closures, frayed edges, and any tailoring needs. As our name says, Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations can handle all the repairs and adjustments your garments need as well. It just makes sense to handle all mending and alteration needs during seasonal transition.

A few more notes:
  • Do not leave sweaters or knits on hangers during their off season. The weight of the item on the hanger over several months can cause fabric stretching and damage.

  • Items like suits, pants and jackets can generally remain on hangers, but need protection from dust and light while not being worn. This is why we include paper “garment covers” on all of our dry cleaning and laundry orders.  Leave garment covers on your dry cleaning and laundry items until you are ready to wear them.

  • Never store clothes in plastic dry cleaning bags. These bags are meant to protect clothes only while at the dry cleaner and while transporting. The plastic restricts air flow around your clothes, and that’s not good. Plastic bags can also cause discoloration if kept in them for an extended number of months. It’s a good habit to remove the plastic bags as soon as you get your dry cleaning home.

Remember, with five locations near you and a convenient pick up and drop off service, Jimmy’s Cleaners will have your wardrobe looking clean and pristine again at the snap of a finger! To schedule a pickup, call (615) 599-3605.

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Spring Cleaning Fever!

Sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine!  Warm on our skin, streaming through the windows, highlighting every – ugh, how did I never notice all that dust on my beautiful draperies before?

If this is you, you’re not alone. Household dust, dirt, and grime that may have gone incognito in the wintry months is no longer safe. Spring cleaning fever!!! Oh yeah. Time to reclaim the domain.  

It’s also time to invest in the health of your house and your family. Anything you can do to remove settled dust, mites, and allergens, like dry-cleaning draperies, pillows, and comforters, just makes sense. There’s nothing quite like the fresh, clean, feeling of spring. Your family deserves no less.

Jimmy’s Cleaners specializes in comforter, duvet, and pillowcase cleaning, curtain and drape cleaning, and even leather and suede cleaning. With convenient locations in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station, there’s bound to be a Jimmy’s near you. Speaking of spring fever, call or click to find out how to receive 20% off all your spring dry cleaning needs! (615) 599-3605

Put the Coats Up!

Spring is FINALLY around the corner. The snow has turned into rain and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Winter coats are getting put up and replaced by lighter jackets.

I love Spring!

Let’s put those heavy winter coats away! But first, do you know what you need to have done? Yep. You need to take them to the cleaners. Ugh. “But I don’t have time”. That’s no excuse! Jimmy’s Cleaners not only has 5 convenient locations for you, but they also offer FREE delivery and pickup!

Honestly, there are very few things in life I love more than delivery. If I could have everything I needed in life delivered to my house, I would sign up in a heartbeat!

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First Impressions

Jimmy’s knows that a fresh, well-pressed shirt is essential to making a good first impression. Helping you put your best professional foot forward on a busy schedule is our specialty! We beautifully care for hundreds of garments every day. From cleaning and pressing to alterations and repairs, we have all of your wardrobe care and maintenance needs covered.

Having your garments professionally cleaned is the best way to avoid laundry anxiety. Free up your schedule, and never worry about bleeding colors, shrinking, scorching, or ironing your favorite clothing again! Professional dry cleaning not only extends the life of your clothes, it also helps them remain softer, fresher, and more vibrant. Jimmy’s Cleaners uses only the highest quality machines, filters and cleaning agents to ensure this.

Busy professionals all over the city rely on Jimmy’s convenient pickup and delivery service. Call 615-599-3605 to schedule your pickup today. We look forward to helping you make your best first impressions, effortlessly, every day!

Jimmy’s Cleaners will change your Demeanor

Everyone has that favorite pair of jeans that they have had for years. You knew when you bought them that you loved them. They have that perfect fit, the perfect wash, the perfect length, and of course they go with anything. You love to throw them on for any occasion, whether you’re going to a casual movie or a fancy dinner date your dependable jeans never let you down.
Not to mention they are perfectly broken in. So broken-in, in fact that there is a huge hole forming in the seam of your right inner thigh, the left back pocket is so tattered and torn that you can’t trust anything in it, and the bottoms are stained and rugged. They’ve gotten so fragile that you’ve been completely avoiding the washing machine in fear that you’ll pull them out in pieces. Those jeans are one wear away from falling apart! But then again, that’s never stopped you before… Then it happens the day comes that you pull them on and your foot accidentally slides through the whole in the knee. The color drops from your face and your stomach gets a sick feeling when you hear the dreaded “Riiiiiiiiip” finally retiring your beloved jeans. You’ll never, ever find a pair exactly like those. What a tragedy.
But, wait! You don’t have to worry about your luck jeans loosing the battle to wear and tear anymore. Jimmy’ Cleaner’s in the greater Nashville area specializes in jean alterations and repairs. Drop your jeans off at Jimmy’s just a few washes and wears before their irreversible state and let this experienced and skilled team nurture your jeans back to new. Jimmy and his team can deep clean the dirty bottoms and unrecognizable stains from all the years you’ve worn them. They can also repair the pockets, patch the holes, and even alter them to your liking.
Jimmy’s Cleaners is proud to guarantee excellent customer service. Jimmy’s Cleanersand Alterations has five convenient locations in Spring Hill, Franklin and Brentwood! In addition to alterations, they also specialize in dry and wet cleaning. For your convenience Jimmy’soffers a unique Pick Up & Delivery Service to corporate and residential clients. Please browse our website for more information on store locations and hours! Hope to hear from you soon!

For many professionals in the business world today, dry cleaning has become an assumed yet dreaded monthly expense. Formal and even casual work clothing is expensive to buy and difficult to care for. Most suits are made from materials that can be damaged and even ruined when washed at home. Many clothing brands label their tags “dry clean only” when in fact this is not the case at all, and no one wants to spend the extra $3-$5 per pair of pants if they don’t need too! However, there are some items that absolutely do need to be dry cleaned in order to maintain their quality.
Definitely Do: 
·      Suits
·      Wool Clothing
·      Pleated Items
·      Items with a Lining
·      Items made with blended fabrics
·      Items embellished with beads, sequins, etc.
·      Items with set stains
·      Delicate fabrics (silk, satin, cashmere, etc.)
·      Vintage Items
·      Bright Items that may fade
That pretty much covers the essentials. The rest of your clothing should be safe in your washer at home. But here are a few more helpful chores exceptional dry cleaning company’s like Jimmy’s Cleaners can help you check off your busy to-do list!
Exceptional Extras:
·      Clothing that needs to be altered or tailored
·      Jeans that need to be hemmed or repaired
·      Wedding gown and Brides maid alternations and pre/ post wedding cleaning
·      Comforter and Pillow Case cleaning
·      Curtain and Drape Cleaning
·      Fire Restoration
·      Leather and suede cleaning (including Shoes)

Jimmy’s Cleaners is proud to guarantee excellent customer service. Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations has five convenient locations in Spring Hill, Franklin and Brentwood! They specialize in: dry and wet cleaning. For your convenience Jimmy’s offers a unique Pick Up & Delivery Service to corporate and residential clients. Please browse our websitefor more information on store locations and hours! Also check out our special offers.Hopeto hear from you soon!

Vintage New Year’s Nightmare
Kate and her friends had been excited for the annual New Year’s Eve party at the neighborhood country club for weeks now! It was a much anticipated event, because this was the their first holiday home since starting college in August. None of their high school friend’s had seen each other yet, and it was critical that they make a perfect reappearance. They’d all gotten up extremely early the day after Christmas to hit the boutiques and find the perfect, sparkling dress to bring in 2015.  After hours of searching, Kate separated from her friends whom had all found their outfits. She walked into a small vintage shop on the corner, and it only took a second for Kate’s eye to find the hidden gem. There hanging in the corner was the perfect dress. She walked over to examine the beautiful, floor length, gold, satin dress. She ran her fingers down the silky material and touched the flawless hand, embroidered design.  She absolutely loved it; not to mention it was perfectly fitting for the wedding she would be attending January the 4th.  She hung it over her floor length mirror and looked longingly at it everyday, counting down the nights until she could finally slip into regal gown. Finally, the night had arrived. Kate couldn’t have been more excited as she pulled the zipper up her back and turned to admire her fabulous taste. She just knew all eyes would be on her.
Kate and the girls pulled up the party around 9:30. A high school valet attendant greeted them, and Kate giggled to herself seeing his jaw drop to the cement when she stepped out of the car. As she walked into the gold and black decorated ballroom she felt just like the celebrities walking the red carpet at the Oscar’s. The rest of the night continued to be everything Kate had imagined. All the cute boys were asking her to dance, and even the catty girls were complimenting her dress. The clock struck midnight, the ball dropped, and then it happened. Kate felt the cool liquid running down her back. She spun quickly praying it was water. Of course not, a look of terror spread across the girl’s face holding a now empty glass of Merlot. The beautiful, gold dress was now covered in garnet wine. Horrified, Kate ran to the bathroom to try and blot the stain. After 20 minutes of cold water, hot water, soda water, and all the other tricks on Google. Kate gave up.
Sulkily, Kate walked downstairs to tell her mom the sad story. Lucky for Kate, Mom, as usual, had the perfect solution. She’d recently been taking her work suits to Jimmy’s Cleaner’s just down the street and had lots of luck with set in stains. The dry cleaning store had all the latest technologies for removing stains, and its highly trained staff was qualified to handle any material with professional care. Kate dropped the gown off the next morning and held her breathe for 24 hours.
Kate practically ran to Jimmy’s Cleaners the next day to check on her beloved vintage. Quite to her surprise the dress was hanging in a clear, protective cover, gleaming in perfect condition. Kate could not even tell the wine had touched the satin! She was absolutely ecstatic. The seamstress at Jimmy’s Cleaners had even replaced the rusting zipper, repaired some of the loose gems, and fixed the floor hem. Kate couldn’t have been more pleased with Jimmy’s Cleaner’s exceptional work on her gown. She vowed to bring all her formal gowns to Jimmy from now on and left with a satisfied smile.
Are you suffering from a stain like Kate, or need alternations made for your bridesmaid dresses? Visit the link below to see all special offers for Jimmy’s Cleaners like 20% off dry cleaning, or $1.85 for laundered shirts!
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Dry Cleaning: The Bang for your Buck
For many of you, dry cleaning may seem like an unnecessary waste of valuable time and hard earned money. But what you may be forgetting is that many of your clothes require more than just a basic wash. Luxury suits for work and fabrics like cashmere and satin can be damaged in the washing machine. And no one likes to pull his or her favorite sweater out of the dryer to see that it’s shrunk to a toddler’s size. Professional dry cleaning has countless benefits and can significantly extend the life of your wardrobe, saving you more of that hard earned money that you’ll spend! 
4 Services Your Washer Won’t Provide:
·      Stain Superheroes: These people are literally the superheroes of stain removal! It’s impossible to avoid a splash of red wine or dribble of olive oil your entire life. Don’t settle for a home cleaning kit. It probably won’t work and definitely won’t make your favorite dress look as good as new. Dry cleaners are equipped to deal with all kinds of materials and any set of stains, not to mention they have all the latest and best cleaning technologies.
·      Perfection Inspection: Every article of clothing you send to get cleaned is looked over before and after the actual process begins. If any garment less than exceeds the expectation of these cleaning professionals it receives special attention until it’s need is met. We’ve all had that time where we forgot about that spot on the custom made suit and accidentally dried it, setting that stain for life; not if you take it to the cleaners. They know that different stains require different treatments. Don’t risk your favorite pants with a common all-purpose stain remover. Let the experts handle it!
·      Alterations Anytime: Whether the hem falls out of your pants, or your most comfortable blazer is fitting a bit snug, your professional cleaner can seamlessly alter any piece to the perfect fit. Not only do dry cleaners specialize in the cleaning and preservation of clothing, but they also have extensive knowledge in alternations. Knock out two birds with one stone, skip the tailor and hit the cleaners!
·      Time Turner: Laundry can be one of the most time consuming chores around the house. After a long day at work it’s such a pain to come home to a load of unfolded clothes in the dryer, and heaps of dirties in the hamper. The dry cleaner is actually really easy and convenient. Just drop your clothes off on your way too or from work and pick them up at your earliest convenience. This will give you more time to focus on making dinner, or being at your little one’s school functions.
Jimmy’s Cleaners in Nashville is the perfect place to fulfill all of your dry cleaning needs. Their alterations are seamless and affordable, and they will wash and fold every piece left in their care, literally saving you loads of time.
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