Deodorant stains on shirt

What to Do with Those Unsightly Deodorant Stains

Whether winter, spring, summer or fall, most of us don’t start the day out without putting on our deodorant or antiperspirant.  However, most people are completely unaware of the effects that these hygiene products can have on your clothing.  In some cases, they can permanently damage garments making them unsightly and unwearable.   Excessive use of these hygiene products can result in deodorant stains on some of your favorite articles of clothing.


Deodorant stains are the result of overuse of deodorants and their active ingredients.  These hygiene products contain aluminum salts that leave chalky white marks on your skin’s surface which, over a period of time, can easily transfer to the garments you are wearing and leave them stained with the same chalky white substance.  When garments are not regularly cleaned, a buildup of chalky residue occurs resulting, over time, in damage to fabrics of all types.


There are a few important and simple steps you can take to prevent any deodorant stains and chemical damage to your garments as a result of using these favored hygiene products.  Our team of specialists wants to share some of those important steps with you in our efforts to help you minimize stains and damage caused to garments.

  • First and foremost, you may want to choose an invisible solid product as opposed to the typical white solid products on the market. Invisible solids are a lot less likely to leave any marks or stains of any type on your clothing.
  • When applying your deodorant be sure to only apply a thin layer since overuse of the product allows it to rub off onto your garments much easier. Be sure to limit the amount you use.
  • Always wait at least a good 30 seconds after applying your product before you put on your favorite garments. These short 30 seconds give your body sufficient time to absorb the deodorant thereby keeping it from transferring over to your clothing items.
  • Make it a point to regularly shave your armpits so that when you apply your deodorant there is little to no hair for it to cling to. This will drastically minimize the amount of product that actually transfers to your clothes and helps to minimize deodorant stains.
  • Finally, be sure to launder your clothing items regularly and as soon as possible after wearing the garments. If your garment has a deodorant stain,  we suggest you apply some laundry detergent directly to the stained area and rub it gently, then follow up with a routine wash in the highest water temperature that is safe and suitable for the garment fabric or bring them on down to our trusted team of dry cleaning specialists who will take care of your every need.

Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations our team of friendly professionals is dedicated and committed to maintaining the overall integrity of all your cherished garments.  When your clothing items suffer with deodorant stains, it is important not to delay, but rather bring them to our facility as soon as possible and let us remove the stains for you.  We fully understand that clothing items can be quite costly and many times a favorite piece of clothing gets stained or damaged.  That’s where the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners come in.  We are on hand to provide you with the highest quality dry cleaning services this side of Franklin and stand ready to meet your every dry cleaning or alteration needs, and that includes the removal of deodorant stains.

Why not take advantage of our weekly specials, or even our convenient pick up and drop off services today?  Simply give a shout out to one of our team members and schedule your laundry pick up.  Don’t let deodorant stains ruin your favorite clothing items, but rather put your trust into the hands of some of the absolute best dry-cleaning specialists in the industry.  We look forward to serving you and send along wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

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