Useful Tips for Keeping All Your Leather Garments in Tip-Top Condition

Leather certainly comes in a whole lot of trendy looks and styles, whether for the musician in your family, the typical biker or just your average joe.  Season to season chic leather styles make their way to the top of the garment charts.  Your everyday leather manufacturing companies produce a variety of extraordinary leather garments from dresses, leggings and sports jackets, to vests, coats and a wide range of other types of outerwear for both men and women alike.

Whatever your style, whatever your taste, whatever your garment, the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to share with our valued clients some very useful tips on how to keep all your leather looking stylish, luxurious and as trendy and chic as possible.  When you know how to provide appropriate care and maintenance to your leather garments, rest assured you are able to enjoy them year after year and ensure their enhanced lifespan.   Here are some useful tips and ideas with regard to the care and maintenance of your cherished leather:

  • If ever your leather gets wet, be sure to blot it with a dry white cloth, hang it on a wide padded hanger, and then allow it to dry further in a cool, dry place. Never, ever put our leather into a clothes dryer.
  • When wearing upper body leather garments, be sure to wear a scarf of some sort around your neck to keep from damaging or soiling the collar with the oils from your body.
  • Never apply adhesive badges or pins of any type on leather.
  • Avoid filling the pockets of your leather coats or jackets with heavy items such as cell phones, wallets or keys since they can easily stretch out the leather and ruin its form.
  • Do not use saddle soap on your leather garments since it can cause a great deal of staining and/or streaking.
  • When wearing your leather clothing items, be sure to avoid using hair sprays, perfumes or colognes. You do not want these substances to come in contact with your expensive leather items.
  • For those leather garments that become a bit wrinkled, be sure to press them using your iron’s coolest setting. Use a heavy craftlike paper as an effective pressing board, and be sure to perform a spot test on a small area first. Never, ever try removing wrinkles with direct steam.
  • If you have matching leather pieces that need cleaning, be sure to clean all the matching pieces the same way at the same time because variations in color can occur and you would certainly want those variations to be the same for each matching piece.
  • Do not store your leather garments in plastic bags since they can create moisture inside the bags and cause mildew or mold to grow. Be sure to use fabric bags that are breathable when storing all your favorite leather pieces.

The team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners hopes you have found our care and maintenance tips and ideas useful.  We also want to remind our valued customers that should your leather garments become stained it is imperative that you have them cleaned as soon as possible by professional leather cleaners like the specialists we have here at Jimmy’s Cleaners.  Do not try to remove stains yourself because you are apt to remove the color as well and it can be nearly impossible to restore the original color of your leather fabric.

We also want to remind you that, though leather does not often look dirty, it does, in fact, still get dirty which is why we recommend having your leather garments professionally cleaned at least every other season. For all your leather cleaning and all your professional dry-cleaning needs, you can always rely upon the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations.