Simple Tips for Sweater Care

Well, fall has arrived, which means its everyone’s favorite sweater season.  The days are much shorter and the nights offer us cool comfortable temperatures.  People find themselves situated by the outdoor fireplace or fire pit spending time with family and friends.  With all that said the folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to share with our valued clients some very simple but useful tips for sweater care this fall that will surely help to keep your sweaters looking like new while extending their life span as well.


  • Never hang your sweaters, but rather fold them neatly and place them in your drawers or the top of your closet space. Avoid squishing your sweaters into tight places as well;
  • Whenever having to remove lint, hair, dog fur, or even fuzzy little balls from your sweaters always use the softest brush possible;
  • If your sweater seems to have lost its original shape, then head on down to our dry-cleaning facility so our highly experienced team of techs can revive your sweater and bring it back to its original shape;
  • Be sure to adhere to whatever cleaning instructions are printed on your garment’s tag and remember if it specifically says, ‘dry clean only’ then again we highly recommend you put your trust into the our dedicated team of dry cleaning specialists here at Jimmy’s Cleaners;
  • Avoid wearing rough fabrics underneath your sweaters and heavy coats atop of them since both can contribute to a minimized lifespan of your cherished sweaters;
  • Finally, be sure that you have your sweaters properly cleaned before you store them away at the end of the season.


  • When hand washing start by turning your sweater inside out so as to protect the delicate outside fibers;
  • Fill your washing basin or sink with appropriate water temperatures that will be included in the care instructions on your sweater’s garment tag. Add a very small amount of a quality clothing detergent and mix it thoroughly with the water in the sink or basin.  Avoid creating suds.
  • Gently submerge the sweater into the water and allow it to soak for at least 20 minutes without kneading, squishing or scrunching the sweater;
  • After soaking, rinse the sweater with clear tap water until there are no bubbles present. When rinsing your sweater be sure not to pull the sweater out of the water, but rather hold the sweater with your hands underneath the soaked garment and lift it out of the water using this technique.  Lifting rather than pulling the sweater out of the water will avoid stretching the garment and its fibers and disrupting its natural shape.
  • Lay the sweater with its front side up, on a dry towel and blot the sweater gently. Then carefully reshape the sweater to its original shape on the towel, buttoning any buttons, placing the sweater collars back into shape, and straightening out the sleeves accordingly.
  • Finally, allow your hand-washed sweater to dry overnight on the towel surface. In the morning, flip the sweater over carefully, blot it again, reshape it again and allow the other side to dry throughout the daytime and into the nighttime if need be.

The team here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations hope you have found our simple tips for sweater care useful.  Remember, if hand-washing is not your area of expertise, then be sure to bring your favorite sweaters and other garments down to our trusted dry-cleaning facility and let our experienced team take care of all your dry-cleaning needs.  Be sure to take advantage of our weekly specials and our convenient drop-off and pick-up services as well.  The folks here at Jimmy’s Cleaners send along wishes for a safe and healthy fall season to all our valued clients!

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