Washing Delicate Clothing in Your Washer with Easy to Use Mesh Bags

We all have those special articles of clothing that we favor over all others and surely we all have our fair share of delicate garments that need tending to and proper care and maintenance. Washing your delicate articles of clothing in your washing machine can be quite challenging and risky. Often delicates that are tossed into a washing machine come out with snags, holes and even tears, which is why so many delicate garments have tags that recommend they be hand washed so as to avoid any damage.

Though hand washing is an ideal solution to washing your delicates the use of a mesh bag can afford consumers a practical and very simple option, though not full proof, for washing all your delicates.   A mesh bag protects the garments from the rigorous spinning and agitation of a washing machine, while reducing any risk of damage. Further the use of a mesh bag adds to the life expectancy of your delicate clothing articles and surely makes them last a whole lot longer.

You may ask how and why mesh bags can be so effective. The answer is simple. Mesh bags create a bit of a barrier between your delicate garments, reduce friction, and provide an extra guard against snagging that can often occur from buttons, hooks and other articles of clothing as well. Placing only one or two delicate articles of clothing into a mesh bag is highly recommended so as to allow sufficient water flow that presents with the same cleaning effect as if the garments were being washed loosely in the washing machine. As an added note, using mesh bags will also reduce the amount of pilling on your sweaters and other synthetics as well.

Further, you can use the mesh bags to separate clothing items that need be laid flat to dry or those that need to be hung out to dry and you can even use these mesh bags to wash sneakers, slippers, and other types of cloth or canvas footwear.

There are other benefits to using mesh bags as well, especially if you are using a front load washing machine. Often times smaller items such as socks or even miscellaneous articles or debris within your pockets can get trapped inside of the washing machine’s agitator, pump or other hard to reach areas of the washer.   When this happens, it is very difficult to remove the trapped items and typically require a professional to come in and resolve the problem and get your washing machine back to its full functioning capacity. Mesh bags can save you from having to schedule the costly repairs when you place any smaller items for washing into the mesh bag first.   When placed in the mesh bags these smaller items cannot find their way to difficult, hard to reach parts of the washing machine that end up requiring you to call a qualified technician to resolve the jam.

Though hand washing and mesh bags can be ideal solutions to maintaining and caring for your delicate clothing items, many people find dry cleaning to be a more practical, effective and safe way of maintaining their delicate clothing pieces. Here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations we strongly suggest you take advantage of our superior dry cleaning services for all your delicate clothing items. We offer wash and fold services as well as free pickup and delivery and are confident that all our clients will find complete satisfaction in our top of the line services, our highly skilled technicians, our attractive turnaround times and even our affordable prices and special discounts.

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