When To Dry Clean Your Business Suit

Most of us know that dry cleaning is by far the best method for removing any type of stain from a business suit. Though men will bring their suit to the dry cleaners when they have stained it, they are uncertain how often they should simply have their business suit dry cleaned. Knowing when it is time to dry clean your business suit is quite easy. We here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations understand full well that a man’s dress suit is one of the most expensive garments a man will add to his wardrobe which is why we want to share some insight on dry cleaning your business suit. It doesn’t matter whether your suit is purchased off the rack or is a customized specially designed and tailored suit, at some point you will need to dry clean your business suit.

Though there is no exact formula that tells a man when it’s time to dry clean his suit, a typical rule of thumb would be to have your suit dry cleaned when all else fails. For instance, airing out your suit is not removing those pesky odors, spot cleaning is not taking care of those annoying stains, or brushing is not removing that noticeable dirt. When all else fails, then typically it’s time to have your suit professionally dry cleaned.

If you are constantly wearing your suit as opposed to rarely wearing it, then it makes perfect sense that you will need to dry clean it more frequently, but as a rule of thumb you should dry clean your suit as little as possible. You may ask why. The answer is simple. The powerful solution, Perchloroethylene, often referred to as Perc, can strip the wool fibers in your suit of their natural oils which, over time, can cause the fibers to become brittle and cause your suit to become worn well before its time. For this reason, the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations want to take this time to apprise all our valued clients on how to care for their suits between their dry cleaning visits to our reputable and award winning facility.


In between those trips to the dry cleaners we highly recommend our many clients abide by the following tips to ensure the best possible care for your business suit.

Begin by rotating the wear of your suits. You do not want to wear the same suit over and over again since doing so will cause it to start looking quite worn out over time. Rotate your suits and get more life expectancy from all of them.

Next, if your suit becomes wrinkled, invest in a steam cleaner to remove those wrinkles before wearing your suit. Setting the steam on the cleaner to a very low setting will ensure that you will remove the wrinkles, but not cause damage to the suit and still have your site looking freshly pressed by the dry cleaners without anybody knowing otherwise.

Be certain to allow your suit to hang on a wood hanger for a couple of days following wear of the suit. This will allow the material of your suit to recover and allow any wrinkles to drape out in between each wear. As an added note, be certain that there is nothing in any of your pockets since this can cause bizarre shapes or creases in your suit.

Be certain to brush away particles of dirt or food that may have fallen onto your suit during wear. When brushing, be certain to brush against the grain of your suit’s cloth and use only quick, short brushing strokes. Then perform a full pass over with the nap as well.

Finally, we strongly suggest that you keep your suit covered as much as possible. Using a cloth cover will allow air to circulate through the suit, even when stored, and keep it looking fresh and clean.

We hope you will utilize these steps to ensure the fresh, crisp look of your suit in between dry cleanings and look to the professionals here at Jimmy’s Cleaners and Alterations when it’s time to dry clean your business suit. We look forward to every opportunity to serve you and want to remind you to take advantage of our convenient pick up and drop off services for all your dry cleaning needs and don’t forget our weekly specials as well.